This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

Office of the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

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Section 13 Location of Emergency Housing Assistance Program
Section 14 Emergency Housing Assistance Qualifications
Section 15 Benefits Available Under Emergency Housing Assistance
Section 16 Location of Hearing for Emergency Housing Assistance
Section 17 Economic Stabilization Trust
Section 18 Clarify Title for Secretary of Housing and Economic Development
Section 19 Economic Stabilization Trust II
Section 28 Modification of Film Credit - 1
Section 40 Tax Credit Provisions
Section 46 Modification of Film Credit - 2
Section 50 Room Occupancy Excise Tax Exemptions
Section 51 Local Room Occupancy Excise Tax I
Section 52 Local Room Occupancy Excise Tax II
Section 79 Housing Stabilization and Investment Trust Fund
Section 80 Home Improvement Contractor Fees
Section 109 Emergency Housing Assistance Program Administration
Section 110 Economic Stabilization Trust III
Section 123 Tourism Fund Formulas
Section 129 Continuation of FY2009 Cost Shifts to State Authorities
Section 130 Transfers Among Trust Funds
Section 131 Lead Paint Abatement Program
Section 132 District Local Technical Assistance Fund
Section 133 Transfer to Massachusetts Life Sciences Fund
Section 142 Emergency Housing Program
Section 146 Regionalization Commission
Section 158 Modification of Film Credit - 3