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Location of Hearing for Emergency Housing Assistance

SECTION 16.   Paragraph (F) of said section 30 of said chapter 23B, as so appearing, is hereby amended by striking out the third paragraph and inserting in place thereof the following paragraph: -

A hearing held pursuant to this section shall be conducted by a hearing officer designated by the hearings manager and shall be conducted as an adjudicatory proceeding under chapter 30A. The department shall offer the person appealing the option to hold the hearing: (a) such that the hearing officer, person appealing and department representatives shall be in 1 location for the hearing and such location shall be convenient to the person appealing; (b) telephonically; or (c) through other available means such as videoconferencing. The person appealing shall have the right to choose among these options. No employee shall review, interfere with, change or attempt to influence any hearing decision by a hearing officer. The hearings manager shall be responsible for the fair and efficient operation of the division in conformity with state and federal laws and regulations and may review and discuss with the hearing officers such decisions solely in order to carry out this responsibility. The hearing manager shall be responsible for the training of hearing officers, scheduling of hearings and the compilation of decisions. The hearings manager may grant a request by the person appealing for a remand of the decision to the hearings officer who made the initial decision or another hearings officer for reconsideration of an initial decision. The final decision of the hearing officer shall be the decision of the department.