This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

Independent Agencies and Constitutional Officers
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

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Section 4 Asian American Commission I
Section 7 Definition for Privitization Contract in Public Construction
Section 8 Multi-Jurisdictional Lottery Games
Section 9 Nantasket Beach Reservation Trust and Commonwealth Transportation Fund
Section 21 Commonwealth Transportation Fund
Section 22 Captial Gains Transfer to the Commonwealth Stabilization Fund
Section 23 Pension Funding Triennial Schedule
Section 40 Tax Credit Provisions
Section 62 School Building Loans
Section 63 School Building Authority I
Section 64 School Building Authority II
Section 104 School Building Authority III
Section 106 Asian American Commission II
Section 107 Study on Effects of Oxycontin - Commission
Section 108 Study on Effects of Oxycontin - Date
Section 111 State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund
Section 112 Trial Court Transferability
Section 113 Inspector General's Health Safety Net Audit Unit
Section 115 Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
Section 116 Interagency Service Agreement between UMass and HHS
Section 119 Transfers Among Health Care Funds
Section 124 Stabilization Fund Transfer
Section 125 Stabilization Fund Interest
Section 126 Stabilization Fund Transfer
Section 130 Transfers Among Trust Funds
Section 131 Lead Paint Abatement Program
Section 132 District Local Technical Assistance Fund
Section 133 Transfer to Massachusetts Life Sciences Fund
Section 137 School Building Authority IV
Section 138 Transfer to Commonwealth Transportation Fund
Section 140 Spending Oversight of Transportation Agencies
Section 141 Commonwealth Transportation Fund Schedule
Section 145 Water Infrastructure Finance Commission