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Budget Summary FY2010

Outside Section 129
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

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Continuation of FY2009 Cost Shifts to State Authorities

SECTION 129.   The following agencies or authorities which, as a result of the governor's actions to reduce allotments under section 9C of chapter 29 of the General Laws in fiscal year 2009, assumed or were assigned the responsibility for programs or other services which were otherwise funded in the fiscal year 2009 general appropriation act or a supplementary appropriation act prior to the governor's actions to reduce allotments under said section 9C of said chapter 29, shall continue their contribution for said programs or services in fiscal year 2010:

(a) the Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority, the Massachusetts rental voucher program and subsidies for interest payments on affordable housing bonds;

(b) the Massachusetts Development Finance Authority, the chapter 43D Expedited Permitting Grants and Small Business Technical Assistance Grants;

(c) the Massachusetts Educational Finance Authority, the McNair Scholarship Program;

(d) the Massachusetts Housing Partnership, the Soft Second Mortgage Program and the 40B Technical Assistance Program;

(e) the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism Marketing program;

(f) the Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector Authority, the MassHealth Outreach Enrollment Grants;

(g) the Commonwealth health and educational facilities authority, the MassHealth Outreach Enrollment Grants; and

(h) the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, the Massachusetts International Trade Council Funding.

Veto Explanation:
I am vetoing this section because it adversely affects financially self-supported independent authorities that serve important public purposes. My Administration has worked closely with our quasi-public entities to identify appropriate and affordable contributions they can make to support state services related to their missions without adversely affecting the core services they were created to provide, and they have made tens of millions of dollars of contributions as a result.This outside section continues programs that were funded, in part, by independent agencies in FY09.