Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Central Administration and Operations

Programs targeted to facilitate enterprise-wide activities to support effective and efficient management of state government across all functional areas.

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Central Audit and Compliance for State Entities


Central Audit and Compliance for State Entities Programs targeted to audit state entities and ensure all agencies are in compliance with stated policies and procedures.
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance and Coordination For the purpose of overseeing and administering the Commonwealth's compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and providing technical assistance and consultation on disability related matters both internal and external to government.
Expenditure Management For the purpose of managing the Commonwealth's expenditures to assure prompt pay discounts are taken and investment income is maximized in compliance with legal requirements including pro-actively scheduling payments and publishing monthly reports on missed opportunities to reduce expenditures.
Financial Auditing and Compliance For the purpose of overseeing departmental activity to ensure compliance with industry standards and state and federal requirements governing control and reporting of expenditures and revenues.
Legal Settlements For the purpose of approving tort and legal settlements by state agencies.
Payroll Administration and Processing For the purpose of managing the central payroll system to ensure accurate and timely payment of wages by monitoring estimated expenses and conducting quality control to address any anomalies before sending the payment file to the Treasurer.
Prevention of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse For the purpose of delivering a comprehensive program to prevent fraud, waste and abuse of government resources by increasing awareness, training state staff, identifying instances of abuse and investigating unusual activity that could indicate potential fraud.
Public Benefits Fraud Prevention For the purpose of protecting the public from fraud, overbilling or unallowable expenses and recovering illegally obtained funds by investigating benefit transactions and examining behaviors that are questionable in practice and indicative of fraudulent activity.
Public Service Integrity For the purpose of fostering integrity in public service and promoting the public's trust and confidence through education, advice, and enforcement of laws.

Central Budgeting, Planning and Financing


Central Budgeting, Planning and Financing Programs targeted to support and execute fiscal and administrative polices to ensure financial stability of the Commonwealth.
Capital Planning and Financing For the purpose of prioritizing bond authorizations passed by the Legislature to make infrastructure investments in existing and new transportation, construction, housing, technology, energy and environment, and economic development projects, including activities to plan and carry out bond sales to support capital expenditures.
Cash and Investment Management For the purpose of overseeing the Commonwealth's day to day cash management activities including maintenance and sweeping of state-held bank, trust and other accounts, payment of Commonwealth obligations and investment of state assets.
Central Budget Development and Long Range Planning For the purpose of providing policy setting, oversight, forecasting, implementation and management of the Commonwealth's spending as authorized by state statute, including the analysis of economic indicators, revenue collection targets and collections, trends in caseload growth or decline, and other factors impacting the fiscal health and stability of the Commonwealth.
Debt Management For the purpose of managing the Commonwealth's long term and short term debt, commercial paper and other debt vehicles, including the preparation of documents related to the issuance of new debt in the marketplace for capital programs based on the affordability and necessity of expenditures and investments.
Federal Grants Management For the purpose of providing central oversight of federal grants application and management processes across state agencies in order to ensure coordinated and effective use of federal funding opportunities.
Financial Reporting and Information Delivery For the purpose of meeting state, federal and other national oversight agency requirements for best practices in the reporting of the Commonwealth's spending and revenues including making such information more accessible to the public and disseminating standard reports to state fiscal staff and managers, elected officials, potential bond buyers and external interest groups to increase transparency and oversight of state revenues and expenditures.
Performance, Accountability, and Transparency Initiatives For the purpose of supporting initiatives that are directed at improving the effectiveness of state government through the use of strategic planning and performance management; providing information about spending, revenues and performance outcomes to the public; and enhancing internal controls.

Central Human Resources


Central Human Resources Programs targeted to support central human resource activities shared across all state entities.
Civil Service and Physical Ability Examinations For the purpose of recruiting and evaluating current and potential employees to ensure fair and equal access to careers in public service and providing qualified candidates to state agencies and municipalities of the Commonwealth.
Collective Bargaining For the purpose of managing labor relations with unions that represent employees in Executive Branch departments as well as granting non-managerial, non-confidential and non-Legislative employees of the Commonwealth the right to collectively bargain.
Employee Evaluations and Workplace Training For the purpose of providing training to all agencies across the Executive Branch to improve the performance of their employees through the use of instructor lead training courses, e-learning solutions, and other initiatives.
Human Resources Administration and Operations For the purpose of delivering customer-focused tools and solutions to help the state agencies and municipalities attract, retain, and develop a diverse and high performing workforce.
Compensation Management For the purpose of managing the public agency payroll across the Commonwealth as well as administering rules and policies related to collective bargaining and cost of living increases.

Central Information Technology Services


Central Information Technology Services Programs targeted to provide state agencies with information technology strategy, infrastructure, and support services.
Information Technology Support Services For the purpose of providing processes, tools and resources that support the operation and delivery of high quality information technology services to Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branch agencies.
Information Technology Architecture and Strategy For the purpose of establishing and maintaining the Commonwealth's roadmap for information technology infrastructure and operating environments.
Data Center Services For the purpose of providing fully managed information technology hosting services through a 24x7x365 facility that includes redundant power, networking, enhanced physical security, and disaster recovery.

Central Property, Construction, and Procurement Services


Central Property, Construction, and Procurement Services Programs targeted to provide property, construction, and procurement management across state entities.
Deferred Facility Maintenance For the purpose of distributing capital funding to state agencies for maintenance projects at various state-owned facilities.
Property Construction and Maintenance Administration and Operations For the purpose of supporting property management and administration for state facilities and office buildings including the Massachusetts State House.
Sourcing and Procurement of Goods and Services For the purpose of procuring, managing, and administering statewide contracts for goods and services, ensuring best value, and supporting the socioeconomic and environmental goals of the Commonwealth.
State Facilities Management For the purpose of providing cost effective facilities management services including reducing the volume of critical deferred maintenance needs, improving accessibility, extending the useful life of state owned facilities, and improving and integrating the management of state-owned facilities.
Unclaimed Property For the purpose of identifying any financial assets remitted to the Treasurer with no activity by its owner for an extended period of time, alerting the public to the existence of the asset and returning it to the owner upon verification of identification.
Vehicle Management and Surplus Property For the purpose of purchasing, operating, and repairing state-owned vehicles.

Debt Service and Payments


Debt Service and Payments Programs targeted to make debt payments for the Commonwealth and assist select other entities in making debt payments.
Consolidated Debt Service For the purpose of payment of outstanding principal and interest on Commonwealth-backed debt obligations, commercial paper and other long term financing vehicles.
Targeted Contract Assistance For the purpose of entering into contracts with non-state entities such as authorities to assist them in paying debt principal and interest which they have incurred with said contractual payments backed by the full faith and credit of the Commonwealth.

Revenue Management


Revenue Management Programs targeted to manage the collection and distribution of all sources of Commonwealth revenues.
Non-Tax Revenue Management For the purpose of overseeing accounts receivable billing and revenue collection processes to ensure that departments are maximizing all non-tax revenue opportunities in addition to expanding the use of revenue systems to include municipalities and other government entities.
State Lottery Management For the purpose of developing and operating the Massachusetts State Lottery including game development, revenue management, advertising and local aid revenue generation.
Tax Revenue Management For the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Commonwealth's tax and municipal finance laws by working to ensure clear, fair, and enforceable tax policies and to develop reliable tax revenue projections.
Child Support Enforcement For the purpose of establishing paternity and enforcing and modifying child and medical support orders through collaboration with a wide variety of public and private partners.

Public Employees Non-Health Benefits


Public Employees Non-Health Benefits Programs targeted to support non-health benefit costs of current and retired public employees including their family members and survivors.
Life and Disability Insurance for Commonwealth Employees For the purpose of providing basic life, accidental death, and disability insurance for Commonwealth employees.
Life and Disability Insurance for Commonwealth Retirees For the purpose of providing basic life, accidental death, and disability insurance for Commonwealth retirees.
Life and Disability Insurance for Other Public Employees and Retirees For the purpose of providing basic life, accidental death, and disability insurance to public employees, retirees, and military veterans.
Public Employee Retirement Administration For the purpose of investing the Commonwealth's pension fund as well as management of active employee accounts and disbursement of pension payments to eligible retired employees.
Public Employee Retirement Payments For the purpose of disbursing pension payments to eligible public employee retirees and survivors.

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