Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Public Safety

Programs targeted to protect and defend the public safety of individuals and property through community education, confinement and correction of offenders, enforcement of laws and safety codes, and emergency planning and response.

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Correctional Care, Custody, and Supervision Programs targeted to confine and rehabilitate criminal offenders to eliminate violence, victimization, and reduce recidivism.
Crime Prevention Programs targeted to protect communities and individuals through community outreach programs, criminal information sharing systems, and preventative investigation services.
Homeland Security Programs targeted to promote security through emergency and crisis prevention, management, and resource distribution stemming from both man-made and natural disasters.
Policing and Law Enforcement Programs targeted to enforce state and national laws through use of police and investigative resources.
Public Safety Regulations Programs targeted to promote public safety through regulation and enforcement, including safety inspections, permit, and licensure.
Public Safety General Operations Programs targeted to support statewide public safety operations which are shared across multiple programs or agencies and cannot be allocated to specific programmatic areas.

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