Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Central Budgeting, Planning and Financing

Programs targeted to support and execute fiscal and administrative polices to ensure financial stability of the Commonwealth.


Capital Planning and Financing For the purpose of prioritizing bond authorizations passed by the Legislature to make infrastructure investments in existing and new transportation, construction, housing, technology, energy and environment, and economic development projects, including activities to plan and carry out bond sales to support capital expenditures.
Cash and Investment Management For the purpose of overseeing the Commonwealth's day to day cash management activities including maintenance and sweeping of state-held bank, trust and other accounts, payment of Commonwealth obligations and investment of state assets.
Central Budget Development and Long Range Planning For the purpose of providing policy setting, oversight, forecasting, implementation and management of the Commonwealth's spending as authorized by state statute, including the analysis of economic indicators, revenue collection targets and collections, trends in caseload growth or decline, and other factors impacting the fiscal health and stability of the Commonwealth.
Debt Management For the purpose of managing the Commonwealth's long term and short term debt, commercial paper and other debt vehicles, including the preparation of documents related to the issuance of new debt in the marketplace for capital programs based on the affordability and necessity of expenditures and investments.
Federal Grants Management For the purpose of providing central oversight of federal grants application and management processes across state agencies in order to ensure coordinated and effective use of federal funding opportunities.
Financial Reporting and Information Delivery For the purpose of meeting state, federal and other national oversight agency requirements for best practices in the reporting of the Commonwealth's spending and revenues including making such information more accessible to the public and disseminating standard reports to state fiscal staff and managers, elected officials, potential bond buyers and external interest groups to increase transparency and oversight of state revenues and expenditures.
Performance, Accountability, and Transparency Initiatives For the purpose of supporting initiatives that are directed at improving the effectiveness of state government through the use of strategic planning and performance management; providing information about spending, revenues and performance outcomes to the public; and enhancing internal controls.

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