Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Civic Support and Public Engagement

Programs targeted to provides services to the general public and municipalities to promote an informed electorate, support for municipal and local government services, outward-facing policy setting, and legislative duties.

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Constituent Engagement and Representation Programs targeted to ensure a representative and responsible government is provided to the citizens of the Commonwealth.
Electoral Services Programs targeted to deliver open and free elections within the Commonwealth.
Equality, Diversity, and Anti-Discrimination Initiatives Programs targeted to promote social justice for the citizens of the Commonwealth through representation, advocacy, and protection.
Independent Audit and Compliance Services Programs targeted to prevent fraud and abuse within cities, towns, and independent entities throughout the Commonwealth and prevent undue burden upon municipalities of state enacted legislation or regulations.
Library Services Programs targeted to provide access to public library services to residents and visitors of the Commonwealth.
Municipal and Local Aid Programs targeted to provide general financial assistance and incentives to localities within the Commonwealth.
Public Record Management and Distribution Programs targeted to manage the archiving and distribution of public records.

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