Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Program Structure

Government Function Descriptions

Government Function

Central Administration and Operations Programs targeted to facilitate enterprise-wide activities to support effective and efficient management of state government across all functional areas.
Civic Support and Public Engagement Programs targeted to provides services to the general public and municipalities to promote an informed electorate, support for municipal and local government services, outward-facing policy setting, and legislative duties.
Housing and Economic Development Programs targeted to increase the availability and quality of homes, jobs, and goods in the Commonwealth through effective business development, regulation, consumer services, and community development.
Education Programs targeted to promote learning, improve academic proficiency, close the achievement gap, and further develop a public education system for students of all ages.
Energy and Environment Programs targeted to preserve and promote the Commonwealth's environmental health and afford residents and visitors the use of the Commonwealth's public parks and recreational spaces.
Health Coverage Related Services Programs targeted to provide or facilitate the acquisition of health coverage for residents and employees of the Commonwealth in addition to overseeing health coverage market policies and regulation.
Health and Social Services Government supported functions targeted to promote the general well-being and self-sufficiency of persons in need of safety net services as well as functions provided to the general public to protect and maintain the public health.
Judicial and Legal Services Programs targeted to administer and execute state and federal laws through courts of law, public legal services, and administrative law.
Labor and Workforce Development Programs targeted to increase the quality and availability of workers, ensure safe working conditions, match qualified workers with positions, and maintain labor relations in the Commonwealth including transitional assistance for unemployed and injured workers.
Public Safety Programs targeted to protect and defend the public safety of individuals and property through community education, confinement and correction of offenders, enforcement of laws and safety codes, and emergency planning and response.
Transportation Programs targeted to design, develop, operate, and maintain road, rail, aeronautic, and marine transportation infrastructures and associated safety and licensing functions.

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