Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Central Human Resources

Programs targeted to support central human resource activities shared across all state entities.


Civil Service and Physical Ability Examinations For the purpose of recruiting and evaluating current and potential employees to ensure fair and equal access to careers in public service and providing qualified candidates to state agencies and municipalities of the Commonwealth.
Collective Bargaining For the purpose of managing labor relations with unions that represent employees in Executive Branch departments as well as granting non-managerial, non-confidential and non-Legislative employees of the Commonwealth the right to collectively bargain.
Employee Evaluations and Workplace Training For the purpose of providing training to all agencies across the Executive Branch to improve the performance of their employees through the use of instructor lead training courses, e-learning solutions, and other initiatives.
Human Resources Administration and Operations For the purpose of delivering customer-focused tools and solutions to help the state agencies and municipalities attract, retain, and develop a diverse and high performing workforce.
Compensation Management For the purpose of managing the public agency payroll across the Commonwealth as well as administering rules and policies related to collective bargaining and cost of living increases.

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