Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014


Programs targeted to promote learning, improve academic proficiency, close the achievement gap, and further develop a public education system for students of all ages.

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Early Education and Care Services and Supports Programs targeted to prepare young children for entry into the K-12 education system including early childhood support services.
Educational Quality, Enrichment, and Performance Evaluation Programs targeted to ensure K-12 instruction and curriculums are meeting quality standards for all learners including school and student assessments.
Higher Education Programs targeted to provide advanced instruction, research, and career preparedness to individuals who have completed secondary education.
Comprehensive Supports for K-12 Students and Families Programs targeted to stabilize student learning environments and provide education services in alternative settings.
K-12 Supports and Reimbursements Programs targeted to support the K-12 public education system through grants, reimbursements, and special payments to localities.
School and District Turnaround/ Achievement Gap Reduction Programs targeted to increase the academic performance of the lowest performing K-12 public schools.
Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning Programs targeted to prepare teen and adult individuals for personal independence and career readiness.
Education General Operations Programs targeted to support statewide education operations which are shared across multiple programs or agencies and cannot be allocated to specific programmatic areas.

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