Governor Deval Patrick's Five Year Capital Investment Plan FY2013 - FY2017

Governor's Capital Investment Plan FY2013

State Office Buildings and Facilities

Safe, convenient and accessible state office buildings and facilities are essential for the efficient and effective functioning of government and for providing programs and services for the citizens of the Commonwealth. They are also important venues for active civic engagement.

These buildings and facilities have important safety and accessibility needs for both workers and visitors. As a result of years of neglect, many state office buildings require structural improvements, as well as repairs to roofs and building envelopes to prevent leaks that lead to further structural damage.

This year Governor Patrick took a critical first step toward improving our stewardship of state assets by issuing Executive Order 543 - Implementing Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) in the Commonwealth.

The following graph reflects the Administration's estimated capital investment in state office building projects and programs over the next five years, as compared to fiscal years 2007 and 2012 state office building related spending.

This bar graph shows the State Office Building spending: all sources of funds for FY07 and FY12-FY17.

Policy Goals

  1. Implement Integrated Facilities Management. IFM will allow the Commonwealth to use facility resources in the most effective way to service the needs of agency customers and help them deliver on their mission. IFM will protect and improve the maintenance of the assets of the Commonwealth.

  2. Reduce the backlog of deferred maintenance and underutilized state property. The timely correction of maintenance deficiencies can have a tremendous impact on the life of a building asset. A key goal under the Division of Capital Asset Management's (DCAM's) IFM effort is to develop a more strategic approach to ensure that the backlog of deferred maintenance items is prioritized and implemented in the most effective way.

  3. Improve the accessibility to the programs and services offered at all state facilities. Working with A&F and the Mass Office on Disability, DCAM is supporting statewide efforts to improve access at state buildings.

Administration Accomplishments to Date

  • The Governor signed Executive Order 543 - Implementing Integrated Facilities Management, which directs a shared services approach to reform facility management practices, enhance maintenance standards, use available space more strategically, modernize the workforce, improve the environment for employees, achieve cost-effectiveness and result in greater customer satisfaction for client agencies and the general public.

  • The Administration restructured the Bureau of State Buildings (BSB) and DCAM, and established of the Bureau of the State House. With the integration of most BSB buildings into the DCAM portfolio, DCAM is able to expand upon the existing BSB infrastructure to manage the new DCAM portfolio.

  • DCAM took on management of several state office buildings in order to establish a consistent standard and realize efficiencies across resources. The facilities coming under DCAM management in FY13 include:

    • State Transportation Building

    • Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

    • Eastern States Exposition, Springfield

    • Pittsfield State Office Building

    • Wall Experimental Station, Department of Environmental Protection

    • ITD Springfield - 2nd Data Center

    • Worcester Campus

  • DCAM will complete of the extensive copper roofing replacement and photovoltaic cell installation at the State House.

  • DCAM completed the addition and renovation to the William X Wall Experiment Station in Lawrence, which includes a new 11,400 square foot state-of-the-art lab addition for air and water quality testing, as well as renovations to existing office space. This is the first update that the existing 1950s building has seen.

FY13 Highlights

  • The capital investment plan continues the $5 million annual investment in ADA compliance and improvement in physical accessibility throughout the Commonwealth.

  • DCAM will complete the comprehensive elevator upgrade and chiller replacement at the State Transportation Building.

  • The capital investment plan includes completion of the critical life safety upgrade of the fire alarm and sprinkler system at the State House, which was the recommended the top priority of the 2008 State House Master Plan.

  • DCAM will initiate study and design for a comprehensive renovation of the Gardner Auditorium, improvements to the historic House Chamber and preservation of additional State House offices.

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