Governor Deval Patrick's Five Year Capital Investment Plan FY2013 - FY2017

Governor's Capital Investment Plan FY2013

Development of the FY13-17 Capital Investment Plan

The Fiscal Year 2013-2017 (FY13-17) Capital Investment Plan represents the sixth five-year plan since the Patrick-Murray Administration took office.  As with the prior plans, the Administration engaged in a diligent, fiscally responsible and comprehensive process for developing this five-year capital investment plan.  One common challenge shared by each of the previous five-year plans is the fact that demand for capital improvements far exceeds affordable funding capacity.  The inevitable consequence is that many worthy projects will not receive funding.

In order to establish the total amount of the bond-funded capital program within an affordable level, the Administration conducted a rigorous review of the Commonwealth’s debt capacity within its debt affordability policy.  The debt affordability analysis underlying the FY13-17 Capital Investment Plan is attached as Appendix A. 

Over 85 percent of the bond-funded FY13 capital investment plan is needed to fund previously-made commitments, including ongoing construction contracts, investments needed to leverage federal funds, legal commitments and personnel needed to carry out capital programs.  This high level of commitments leaves limited budget capacity to start new projects in FY13.

The entire FY13 capital investment plan is presented in detail in Appendix C and descriptions of each project or program are included in Appendix D.  The highlights of the FY13-17 capital investment plan are provided in the discussions of investment categories below.

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