Governor Deval Patrick's Five Year Capital Investment Plan FY2013 - FY2017

Governor's Capital Investment Plan FY2013

Community Investments

The Patrick-Murray Administration is committed to partnering with Massachusetts cities and towns to improve infrastructure, promote economic growth and make Massachusetts a convenient and attractive place to do business.  The Administration is also committed to supporting municipal grant programs that make important local investments in public safety, affordable housing, smart growth development strategies and energy efficiency.  Additional investments in historical, educational and recreational facilities will increase our residents’ quality of life and encourage tourism throughout the Commonwealth. 

The following graph reflects the Administration’s estimated capital investment in community development projects and programs over the next five years, as compared to fiscal years 2007 and 2012 community development related spending.

This bar graph shows the Community Investments spending: all sources of funds for FY07 and FY12-FY17.

Policy Goals

  1. Subsidize Local Road and Bridge Maintenance Costs. Through the Chapter 90 program, the Department of Transportation assists cities and towns in maintaining their local roads.
  2. Invest in Gateway Cities. The Gateway Cities initiative aims to increase economic opportunities, foster and strengthen civic engagement and revitalize neighborhoods through targeted education and workforce development initiatives, increased diversity of housing options and investment in infrastructure.
  3. Provide Relief to Water and Sewer Ratepayers. Through the provision of low cost capital financing to cities, towns and other eligible entities, the Commonwealth improves water quality and provides relief to ratepayers.
  4. Improve Local Resources and Promote Tourism. The Commonwealth will develop the commercial maritime resources, contribute to library projects, boost historic preservation projects and improve facilities for 56 cultural organizations.

Administration Accomplishments to Date

  • The Patrick-Murray Administration has provided a record level of Chapter 90 local road aid for cities and towns by currently providing $200 million a year in aid compared to $120 million when the Governor took office.
  • The Administration has invested $55 million in funding for 18 public library construction projects across the Commonwealth.  Since 2008, these projects have generated approximately 740 jobs each year. 
  • Since 2006, the Water Pollution Abatement Trust has financed $2.1 billion in approximately 550 construction loans to 172 cities, towns and authorities, which has created an estimated 12,597 construction jobs.  The Trust has also distributed $176 million in federal stimulus funding to construction projects to create jobs, jumpstart the economy and promote Massachusetts’ “green” infrastructure. This federal funding is estimated to have created 1,058 jobs.
  • The Seaport Council has supported $50 million in investments to the coastal communities of Massachusetts.  Over 95 seaport projects have been funded since the beginning of the Patrick-Murray Administration.
  • The Administration has supported 137 completed historic preservation grant projects in 80 communities. 
  • Since the beginning of the Administration, the Cultural Facilities Fund has made 335 grants totaling $50 million to cultural facilities for projects located in 86 cities and towns across the Commonwealth.  A recent survey of grantees found that grantees employ more than 7,700 full-time equivalent employees.

FY13 Highlights

  • The capital investment plan invests $200 million for Chapter 90 municipal road and bridge projects.  This is an $80 million increase over the annual funding level when the Patrick-Murray Administration took office. 
  • The Patrick-Murray Administration announced $41.8 million in grants to support 8 new library construction projects through an expansion to the Public Library Contruction Program.
  • The Boston Public Market project will convert a vacant state building adjacent to the Rose Kennedy Greenway into a public market to offer a variety of local and culturally significant food products.  This project will create 100 construction jobs and 200 permanent jobs. 
  • The Administration will contribute $5.4 million in FY13 for the Springfield Union Station Parking Garage.  A 480-space parking garage will be constructed in conjunction with the proposed development of the Union Station Regional Intermodal Transportation Center, a $45 million project with multiple funding sources.
  • The capital investment plan invests $2 million for the construction of the Westfield section of the Columbia Greenway Bike Trail. 
  • Governor Patrick has announced a $5.6 million grant toward a public/private partnership to construct a $15.8 million ice rink and recreation center at Jackson Square in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston.  This project is part of a $104 million rehabilitation of the neighborhood.  When completed, this facility will provide safe, supervised recreation for youths in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, and will be operated by a private, nonprofit organization requiring no ongoing public subsidy.
  • The Commonwealth will aid Worcester and surrounding communities with $1.5 million in capital funding in FY13 for reforestation efforts after the longhorn beetle infestation forced communities to cut down trees.

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