Executive Office for Administration and Finance

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6.    Statewide Contract Fee
7.    Definition for Privitization Contract in Public Construction
9.    Nantasket Beach Reservation Trust and Commonwealth Transportation Fund
21.    Commonwealth Transportation Fund
22.    Captial Gains Transfer to the Commonwealth Stabilization Fund
23.    Pension Funding Triennial Schedule
24.    Reduction Of Property Tax Liability In Exchange For Volunteer Services
25.    Telecomm Assessment Fees
26.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling I
27.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling II
28.    Modification of Film Credit - 1
29.    Tax Changes
30.    Tax Changes
31.    Transparency of Tax Credit Results
32.    Meals Excise Tax I
33.    Tax Return for Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Provider
34.    Allowing Tax Disclosure for Local Option Tax & Tax Credit Transparency
35.    Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers I
36.    Meals Excise Tax II
37.    Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers II
38.    Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers III
39.    Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers IV
41.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling V
42.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling IV
43.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling V
44.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling VI
45.    Tax Credits
46.    Modification of Film Credit - 2
47.    Tax Changes
48.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling VII
49.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling VIII
50.    Room Occupancy Excise Tax Exemptions
51.    Local Room Occupancy Excise Tax I
52.    Local Room Occupancy Excise Tax II
53.    Sales Tax Increase
54.    Sales Tax II
55.    Removing Tax Exemption for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
56.    Increase to Sales Tax I
57.    Sales Tax III
58.    Formula for Sales Tax
59.    Increase to Sales Tax II
60.    Excise on Meals
61.    Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Tax I
62.    School Building Loans
63.    School Building Authority I
64.    School Building Authority II
78.    Health Safety Net Third Party Liability
81.    Termination of Veterans on Returning from Overseas Duty
87.    Labor or Trade Organizations Collective Bargaining Payroll Deductions
103.    Purchase Price of Certain Taunton Land to Taunton Development Corp.
104.    School Building Authority III
105.    UMass Dartmouth Bio-Processing Facility
111.    State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund
112.    Trial Court Transferability
114.    Chapter 70 Minimum Local Contributions
115.    Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
116.    Interagency Service Agreement between UMass and HHS
119.    Transfers Among Health Care Funds
124.    Stabilization Fund Transfer
125.    Stabilization Fund Interest
126.    Stabilization Fund Transfer
128.    State Police Association of MA Contract not to Include Quinn
130.    Transfers Among Trust Funds
132.    District Local Technical Assistance Fund
133.    Transfer to Massachusetts Life Sciences Fund
134.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling IX
135.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling X
137.    School Building Authority IV
138.    Transfer to Commonwealth Transportation Fund
140.    Spending Oversight of Transportation Agencies
141.    Commonwealth Transportation Fund Schedule
144.    Monson and Templeteon Developmental Centers
146.    Regionalization Commission
147.    Effective date of Taxes
148.    Sales Tax Transition Rules
149.    Telecom - Effective Dates -2
150.    DIrect Broadcast Satellite Service Tax III
151.    Effective Date for Federal Stimulus Decoupling I
152.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling XII
153.    Federal Stimulus Decoupling XIII
154.    Hotel/Motel Tax - Effective Date
155.    Effective Date for Sales Tax
156.    Effective Date of Meals Excise Tax
157.    Elimination of Sales Tax Exemption - Effective Date
158.    Modification of Film Credit - 3
160.    Effective Date of Trust Rule
161.    Effective Date