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Direct Broadcast Satellite Service Providers IV

SECTION 39.   Section 67 of said chapter 62C, as most recently amended by section 31 of chapter 182 of the acts of 2008, is hereby further amended by striking out the first paragraph and inserting in place thereof the following paragraph:-

Each vendor as defined in chapter 64H or 64I and each operator as defined in chapter 64G who desires to obtain a certificate of registration as required by said chapters 64G, 64H or 64I and each person who desires to obtain a license as a distributor, unclassified importer or unclassified exporter as defined in chapter 64A, as a manufacturer, wholesaler, vending machine operator, unclassified acquirer, transportation company, retailer, cigar distributor or cigar retailer as defined in chapter 64C, as a user-seller, supplier or user of special fuels as defined in chapter 64E, as a motor carrier as defined in chapter 64F, as a user-seller or supplier of aircraft fuel as defined in chapter 64J or as a direct broadcast satellite service provider as defined in chapter 64M shall file with the commissioner an application in such form as the commissioner prescribes, giving such information as the commissioner requires; provided, however, if the application is for a wholesaler's license as defined in said chapter 64C, the commissioner shall require, in addition to such other information as may be deemed necessary, the filing of affidavits from 3 licensed manufacturers as defined in said chapter 64C, stating that the manufacturer will supply the wholesaler if the applicant is granted a license.