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Budget Summary FY2010

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UMass Dartmouth Bio-Processing Facility

SECTION 105.   **Item was returned for amendment (Attachment J)

Item 1100-8000 of Section 2B of chapter 123 of the acts of 2006 is hereby amended by adding at the end the following words:- provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, in the procurement of design and construction services for such bio-processing facility pursuant to this item, the University of Massachusetts Building Authority may use an alternative mode of procurement of design and construction, including but not limited to, sequential construction management, turnkey, design/build procurement and the phasing of such procurement, including, but not limited to, approval of design and construction stages as separate for combined phases; provided further, that the University of Massachusetts Building Authority shall require the assurance of labor harmony during all phases of development, including construction, reconstruction and capital and routine maintenance and shall provide adequate remedies to address the failure to maintain labor harmony which shall include, but not be limited to, assessment of liquidated damages and contract termination; and provided further, that the payment of prevailing wages, in accordance with sections 26 to 27F, inclusive, of chapter 149 of the General Laws, shall be required for all phases of these projects.