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Budget Summary FY2010

Department of Public Utilities
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

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The mission of the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is both ensuring public safety and regulating utility companies to ensure quality service at fair and reasonable rates. DPU is responsible for supervising the rates and practices of electric and natural gas utility companies; monitoring service quality; setting rates, to a limited extent, for private water companies; regulating safety in the transportation industry by licensing school bus drivers, towing companies and moving companies; enforcing safety regulations for natural gas pipelines; and reviewing proposals for the construction and siting of energy facilities.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 25 S. 1-20
Department of Public Utilities
MGL C. 159 S. 1-105
Common Carriers
MGL C. 159A S. 1-32
Common Carriers of Passengers by Motor Vehicle
MGL C. 159B S. 1-22
Carriers of Property by Motor Vehicle
MGL C. 160 S. 1-252
MGL C. 161 S. 1-161
Street Railways
MGL C. 161A S. 3(I);39
MGL C. 162 S. 1-18
Electric Railroads
MGL C. 163 S. 1-12
Trackless Trolley Companies
MGL C. 164 S. 1-137
Manufacture and Sale of Gas and Electricity
MGL C. 164A S. 1-27
New England Power Pool
MGL C. 165 S. 1-27
Water and Aqueduct Companies
MGL C. 82 S. 40-40E
Dig Safe Law
MGL C. 166 S. 21-44
Telephone & Telegraph Companies and lines for the transmission of data sections applicable to the DPU


220 CMR
Department of Telecommunications and Energy
980 CMR
Energy Facilities Siting Board