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Budget Summary FY2010

Department of Conservation and Recreation
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

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The mission of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is to enhance the experience of the estimated 33 million people who annually visit the more than 400 properties under its care and control. DCR is focused on three strategic goals to continue building a dynamic and unified agency while carrying out its mission of protecting, promoting and enhancing our Commonwealth's natural, cultural and recreational resources. The three goals are: maximizing resources by directing agency resources and efforts to provide the greatest value for the public we serve; nurturing partnerships by developing, cultivating and strengthening partnerships; and expanding and improving programming by creating and working with partners to support interactive, appealing programming that engages the public.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 6 S. 182A-C
Schooner Ernestina Commission
MGL C. 21 S. 1-4,8-1
Department of Conservation and Recreation
MGL C. 21A S. 2(7)
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
MGL C. 92 S. 33-95A
Urban Parks (reservations, rivers and parkways)
MGL C. 132 S. 1-51
Forestry, Forester Licensing, Forest Cutting Practices
MGL C. 132A S. 1-8
State Parks; and Forestry, Forest Fire Control and Recreation Bureaus (note G.L. 132A, ss. 1A-1H not shown on web link)
MGL C. 132A S. 12A-17
Ocean Sanctuaries Act
MGL C. 253 S. 44-47
Dam Safety
MGL C. 61 S. 1-8
Classification and Taxation of Forest Lands and Forest Products
MGL C. 48 S. 8-28C
Forest Wardens (fire control)
MGL C. 92A S. 1/2
Watershed Management
MGL C. 41 S. 1
DEM and MDC Merger


302 CMR 10
Dam Safety
302 CMR 3.0
Scenic and Recreational Rivers Orders
302 CMR 8.0
Major Capital Improvements within the Mt. Greylock State Reservation
304 CMR 10
Forester Licensing
304 CMR 11
Forest Cutting Practices
304 CMR 12
Forest and Parks Rules (State Parks)
304 CMR 7.0
Management Plans and Wildlands
304 CMR 8.0
Forest Classification (Ch. 61)
313 CMR 3.0
Well Drillers Registration and Well Completion Reports
350 CMR
Urban Parks Rules and Regulations
350 CMR 11.
Watershed Protection
350 CMR 12.
Government and the Use of the Waters of the Charles River Basin
350 CMR 14.
Fees, Licenses, Permits, Rents, Leases and Other
350 CMR 3.0
Pedestrian Rules
350 CMR 4.0
Traffic Rules
350 CMR 5.0
Parking and Penalties Therefor
350 CMR 8.0
Land within Watershed Reservations