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Budget Summary FY2012

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Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Data Current as of:  7/11/2011

Account  FY2012
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 4,484,466 4,486,000 4,463,918 4,487,041
Direct Appropriations
Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 12,76712,76712,51212,767
Programs to Eliminate Racial Imbalance - METCO 17,64317,64317,64317,643
Bay State Reading Institute 0400392400
Literacy Programs 3,9483,1483,0853,148
School to Career Connecting Activities 2,00001,200750
English Language Acquisition 365365358365
School-Age Children in Institutional Schools and Houses of Correction 7,5077,3457,2577,345
Kindergarten Expansion Grants 22,94922,94920,94922,949
Early Intervention Tutorial Literacy 0400392400
Adult Basic Education 27,70227,70227,70227,702
Transportation of Pupils - Regional School Districts 40,52140,52143,52143,521
Non-Resident Pupil Transport 400400400400
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program 1,0001,0001,0001,000
School Lunch Program 5,4275,4275,4275,427
School Breakfast Program 4,4124,1214,1214,121
Chapter 70 Payments to Cities and Towns 3,990,5193,990,8133,990,8133,990,813
Circuit Breaker - Reimbursement for Special Education Residential Schools 213,119213,119194,119213,119
Educational Quality and Accountability 943939939939
Public School Military Mitigation 01,3001,3001,300
Charter School Reimbursement 71,55573,21571,55571,555
Education Technology Program 895861877861
Student and School Assessment 24,36224,36224,36224,362
MCAS Low-Scoring Student Support 9,6569,5758,3459,575
Targeted Intervention in Underperforming Schools 7,6927,6926,7416,741
Extended Learning Time Grants 13,91813,91813,14013,918
Concurrent Enrollment for Disabled Students 400400400400
After-School and Out-of-School Grants 1,5001,5001,4101,410
Alternative Education Grants 146146146146
Franklin Institute of Boston 0000
Youth-Build Grants 1,3001,3001,3001,300
Mentoring Matching Grants 100250100250
Teacher Content Training 353753746746
Regionalization Bonus 0300300300
Retained Revenues
Teacher Certification Retained Revenue 1,3671,3671,3671,367
Federal Grant Spending911,853 886,564 885,835 885,835
Common Core Data Project 0355355355
Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program - Distribution 812812812812
Even Start Family Literacy Program 90090000
Advanced Placement Fee Payment Program 410250250250
Adult Basic Education Program 10,12310,12310,12310,123
School - Based Programs 396396396396
Title I Grants to Local Education Agencies 224,350224,208224,208224,208
Migrant Education 1,6731,6731,6731,673
Title I Neglected and Delinquent Children 1,9751,9751,9751,975
School Improvement Grants 8,54608,0008,000
Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting 49,84149,76949,76949,769
Enhancing Education through Technology 1,4131,4131,4131,413
Title I Math and Science Partnerships 2,1292,1292,1292,129
English Language Acquisition 12,82812,77712,77712,777
Safe Drug Free Schools and Communities 4,3224,32200
After School Learning Centers 18,79018,77618,77618,776
Grants for State Assessments and Related Activities 7,7147,6567,6567,656
Education for Homeless Children and Youth 971971971971
Special Education Grants 282,382282,382281,921281,921
Preschool Grants 9,4789,7359,7359,735
Vocational Education Basic Grants 18,93418,93418,91718,917
Technical Preparation Education 1,6481,1601,6481,648
Project Focus Academy 2,0762,0761,1601,160
Learn and Serve 1,150000
Promoting Science Based Approaches - Prevent Teen Pregnancy 8800
MA High School Graduation Initiative 03,0003,0003,000
College Access Challenge Grant Program 93693600
Teacher Incentives 07,6787,6787,678
Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy 015000
Migrant Student Information Exchange 67000
Data Systems Grant Student Connect 2,3322,3322,3322,332
MSIX Data Quality Grants 06700
Nuts, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 2,2562,0812,0812,081
Child Nutrition Grant St Prog Review 1,0931,09300
Special Assistance Funds 174,930155,833155,833155,833
Child Care Program 56,10451,54551,54551,545
CN School Food Equipment Grant 034600
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance 1,281690690690
Special Summer Food Service Program for Children 6,8005,4915,4915,491
Office of School Lunch Programs - Child Care Program Administration 3,1852,5202,5202,520