This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

H.1 Revised
Data Current as of:  6/22/2009

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Message from Governor Patrick hh1revgovlet.htm h1rev_filingletter.pdf  
Message from Secretary Kirwan hh1revsecmsg.htm h1rev_filingletter_sec.pdf  
Executive Summary hh1revexecsumm.htm h1rev_execsumm.pdf  
Revised Financial Statements:
FY2009 ph1revbal2.htm    
FY2010 ph1revbal1.htm    
Revenue Detail:
Revenue by Source and Fund (section 1A) hh1revrev1a.htm    
Non-Tax Revenue Summary (section 1B) hh1revrev1b.htm    
Consolidated Transfers (section 1C) hh1revrev1c.htm    
Local Aid - Section 3 hh1rev3.htm   h1revsect3.xls
Account Listing hdefault.htm h1revaccounts.pdf fy10_compare.xls
Line-Item Language Changes hh1revlang.htm h1rev_lang.pdf  
Outside Section Changes hh1revos.htm h1rev_os.pdf  
Policy Briefs:
Local Aid hh1revbrief1.htm h1rev_localaidissuebrief.pdf  
Healthcare hh1revbrief2.htm h1rev_healthcarereformbrief.pdf  
Group Insurance Benefit Changes hh1revbrief3.htm h1rev_gicbrief.pdf  
Management Tools hh1revbrief4.htm h1rev_mgttoolsbrief.pdf