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Budget Summary FY2010

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Registry of Motor Vehicles 42,401 0 18,032 -3,986
License Production Retained Revenue 6,394 0 820 0
Motorcycle Safety Program 190 0 38 -12
TOTAL    48,985 0 18,890 -3,998

NOTE: FY10 GAA values represent the amount expended by the former Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works prior to November 1, 2010. As of Nov. 1st, the department transitioned from budgetary appropriations to a non-budgetary fund.

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Direct Appropriations
8400-0001 Registry of Motor Vehicles
For the administration and operation of the registry of motor vehicles, including the title division and including all rent and related parking and utility expenses of the registry; provided, that the positions of administrative assistant to the registrar, legislative assistant, executive assistant to the registrar and the director of employee relations shall not be subject to civil service laws and rules; provided further, that all expenditures related to computer automation shall be subject to satisfactory quarterly reviews by the information technology division and under schedules by the division; provided further, that 40 per cent of the costs of personnel services associated with the registry computer, which reflects the proportionate use of the computer by the merit rating board, shall be assessed to insurance companies doing motor vehicle insurance business within the commonwealth, under section 183 of chapter 6 of the General Laws; provided further, that the registrar of motor vehicles shall report to the house and senate committees on ways and means and the joint committee on transportation 60 days prior to the closure of any registry branch; provided further, that said report shall include all cost savings associated with the closure; provided further, that the registry shall establish and maintain a record of all vehicles leased within the commonwealth for a period longer than 30 days; and provided further, that the record shall include, but not be limited to, the names and addresses of the lessor and the lessee
8400-0016 Motorcycle Safety Program
For the operation of the motorcycle safety program

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Retained Revenues
8400-0011 License Production Retained Revenue
For the registry of motor vehicles which may expend for additional expenses associated with the production of drivers' licenses, state identification cards and motor vehicle license plates an amount not to exceed $6,393,906 from revenue collected from fees charged by the registry; provided, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, for the purpose of accommodating timing discrepancies between the receipt of retained revenues and related expenditures, the registry may incur expenses and the comptroller may certify for payment amounts not to exceed the lower of this authorization or the most recent revenue estimate, as reported in the state accounting system
                Commonwealth Transportation Fund ............... 100%

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