Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2015

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Housing and Economic Development

Programs targeted to increase the availability and quality of homes, jobs, and goods in the Commonwealth through effective business development, regulation, consumer services, and community development.

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Business Development Programs targeted to support the viability and success of businesses in the Commonwealth through direct promotion, incentives, financing, and other supports.
Business Regulation, Licensing, and Enforcement Programs targeted to establish and apply business rules and regulations across a diverse set of goods and services.
Consumer Services and Education Programs targeted to protect and inform consumers through advocacy and education.
Housing and Community Development Programs targeted to ensure the availability of public and affordable housing including emergency and specialty housing services to individuals and families in need.
Economic Development General Operations Programs targeted to support statewide economic development operations which are shared across multiple programs or agencies and cannot be allocated to specific programmatic areas.

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