Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2015

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Energy and Environment

Programs targeted to preserve and promote the Commonwealth's environmental health and afford residents and visitors the use of the Commonwealth's public parks and recreational spaces.

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Agricultural and Natural Resource Management Programs targeted to manage, and conserve the Commonwealth's forests, agriculture, fauna, and other natural resources.
Energy and Environmental Infrastructure Programs targeted to maintain and improve the Commonwealth's environmental, utility, and recreational infrastructure.
Energy Policy and Sustainability Programs targeted to promote responsible energy policy and usage including investments in facilities remediation and renewable energy.
Environmental Protection Programs targeted to protect and preserve areas within the Commonwealth's borders through effective pollution management and resource protection.
Fisheries, Wildlife and Habitat Management Programs targeted to responsibly manage, protect, and restore the Commonwealth's natural wildlife and associated habitats.
Parks and Recreation Programs targeted to operate and improve public parks and recreational facilities along with their associated services.
Energy and Environment General Operations Programs targeted to support statewide energy and environment operations which are shared across multiple programs or agencies and cannot be allocated to specific programmatic areas.

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