Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2015

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Central Administration and Operations

Programs targeted to facilitate enterprise-wide activities to support effective and efficient management of state government across all functional areas.

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Central Audit and Compliance for State Entities Programs targeted to audit state entities and ensure all agencies are in compliance with stated policies and procedures.
Central Budgeting, Planning and Financing Programs targeted to support and execute fiscal and administrative polices to ensure financial stability of the Commonwealth.
Central Human Resources Programs targeted to support central human resource activities shared across all state entities.
Central Information Technology Services Programs targeted to provide state agencies with information technology strategy, infrastructure, and support services.
Central Property, Construction, and Procurement Services Programs targeted to provide property, construction, and procurement management across state entities.
Debt Service and Payments Programs targeted to make debt payments for the Commonwealth and assist select other entities in making debt payments.
Revenue Management Programs targeted to manage the collection and distribution of all sources of Commonwealth revenues.
Public Employees Non-Health Benefits Programs targeted to support non-health benefit costs of current and retired public employees including their family members and survivors.

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