Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2011

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2011

Veterans and Soldiers' Homes

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Governor Patrick    FY2011 House 2 Budget Recommendation:
    Issues in Brief

    Deval L. Patrick, Governor
    Timothy P. Murray, Lt. Governor


Veterans living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are recognized for their significant contributions made to the United States in times of both peace and war.  As such, Governor Patrick has made careful decisions that reinforce our appreciation of those selfless efforts.  Even during times of economic uncertainty it should be remembered that Veterans of the Commonwealth have provided a service and justly deserve all of the best opportunities and benefits due to them.

In fiscal year 2011, funding for all Veterans’ including the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS), the Soldiers’ Home in Massachusetts- Chelsea, and the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke was maintained to ensure important services continue to be made available.  Collective funding levels for these agencies increase approximately 14% over fiscal year 2010 estimated spending figures ($8 million).  Comparatively, over the last 5 years these agencies have increased almost $27 million and continue to provide care and services for the rising number of Veterans’ and benefits offered. 

Graph shows funding levels for the Department of Veterans' Services, the Soldiers' Home in Massachusetts- Chelsea, and the Soldiers' Home in Holoyoke.  Done in  2 year increments to better illustrate the Governor's fiscal year 2011 proposal, this illustrates funding levels and a net increase of $43,991,773 since 2003.

2003 funding levels of $68,697,384 
2005 funding levels of $71,491,855 
2007 funding levels of $85,732,702 
2009 funding levels of $98,837,813 
2011 funding levels of $112,689,157

Benefits for veterans make up the largest portion of this funding increase.  At DVS, funding for benefits increased approximately $7 million over fiscal year 2010 estimated spending figures.  Providing benefits to veterans includes the necessary assistance with employment, food, medical treatment and concern, and housing services for over 7,500 honorably discharged Veterans.  In fiscal year 2011, both consideration and funding were also provided for the 18 outreach and counseling centers and 15 homeless shelters across the Commonwealth.  Almost $20 million in resources is also provided for annuity payment to over 100% disabled Veterans’ and Gold Star parents and spouses which benefits over 10,000 persons.

The Soldiers’ Homes in both Chelsea and Holyoke were level funded to fiscal year 2010 estimated spending figures to ensure quality and continuing care levels.  Additionally, DVS and the Soldiers’ Homes in both Chelsea and Holyoke were exempt from reductions that would diminish services or benefits to their consumers.  Reductions made to Soldiers’ Homes in fiscal year 2010 were recently overturned and outpatient services, which provide specialty on-site care to Veterans’, will continue to operate with no out-of-pocket medical service costs to patients.

Governor Patrick continues to recognize the value of the remarkable efforts made by all service members by ensuring that the necessary resources are made available in fiscal year 2011 budget recommendations.  To hear the Governor’s message to Veterans please view the Governor’s website

Prepared by Shandra Krasser, Executive Office for Administration and Finance ·
For more information contact: (617) 727-2040

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