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Worcester Sheriff's Department
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

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The primary mission of the Worcester County Sheriff's Office is to provide for the care, custody and control of pre-trial and sentenced inmates in Worcester County, with a paramount focus on maintaining the safety of our staff and public safety in Worcester County.

Inmates sentenced to the House of Corrections will have the opportunity to participate in comprehensive rehabilitative programs, designed to reduce criminality, recidivism and return responsible productive citizens to our neighborhoods. Specifically, sentenced inmates will have the opportunity to access educational, vocational and substance abuse programming while incarcerated.

Futhermore, it shall be the mission of the Sheriff's Office to provide comprehensive reentry and reintegration services, offering community based supervised programming such as work release, community service, and COAP, in addition to partnering with local service providers to establish a continuum of care upon release.

Additionally, the Sheriff's Office will emphasize the importance of early prevention, targeting at risk youth and offering programs such as the "FACE 2 FACE" drug prevention seminar and the "Scared Straight" program.

This mission statement will be accomplished by exercising prudent management over facility resources, implementing policies, procedures and practices which are in compliance with applicable laws and maintaining accreditation by the National Commission on Correctional Healthcare and the American Correctional Association.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 34B
Abolition of County Government
MGL C. 37
MGL C. 111 S. 20
Public Health
MGL C. 111 S. 21
Public Health
MGL C. 126
Jails, Houses of Correction and Reformation, and County Industrial Farms


103 CMR 900
County correctional facilities
105 CMR 451
Department of Public Health
105 CMR 480
Department of Public Health
105 CMR 590
Department of Public Health