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Budget Summary FY2016

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Office of the Secretary for Administration and Finance
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

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Section 5 Salary of council members
Section 6 Salary of council members
Section 9 Commission on LGBT older adults
Section 22 Health Policy Commission
Section 23 CPAT Changes
Section 24 CPAT Changes
Section 25 CPAT Trust Fund Changes
Section 26 Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency 5
Section 27 Office of Commonwealth Performance, Accountability and Transparency 6
Section 28 Massachusetts Percent for Art Program
Section 32 Flood Control Compact Fund
Section 33 Center for Health Information and Analysis
Section 34 Illegal Tobacco Enforcement: Tobacco Providers List
Section 46 Commonwealth Care Trust Fund Spending
Section 48 Feasibility Study of Bulk Purchasing and Distribution of Naloxone
Section 49 Classification Appeals
Section 53 FY17 Pension Transfer
Section 56 Municipal Withdrawal from GIC 1
Section 57 Municipal Withdrawal Deadline 1
Section 58 Municipal GIC Claims Data 1
Section 59 Municipal Withdrawal from GIC 2
Section 60 Municipal Withdrawal Deadline 2
Section 61 Municipal GIC Claims Data 2
Section 62 Publication of Municipal Documents
Section 67 Earned Income Tax Credit
Section 68 Illegal Tobacco Enforcement: Information Sharing
Section 69 Illegal Tobacco Enforcement: Lottery License Suspension 2
Section 70 Combined Reporting Technical Edit
Section 71 Illegal Tobacco Enforcement: Multi-Agency Illegal Tobacco Task Force
Section 79 Advertisement of Motor Fuel
Section 92 Mobile Integrated Health Care I
Section 135 Zoo Capital Funding
Section 141 Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
Section 142 Suspension of Tourism Formula
Section 143 Treatment of Capital Gains in FY16
Section 145 Commonwealth Care Trust Fund Transfer
Section 146 Inspector General's Health Care Audits
Section 151 Tax Amnesty Program for Non-Filers
Section 156 Trial Court Transferability
Section 157 Special Education Inflation Rate Freeze
Section 161 Regional pilot program - telemedicine
Section 164 Study of employee retirement funding cost obligations
Section 168 Administration and Finance Efficiencies
Section 172 Sheriffs' Offices Funding Formula
Section 173 Sheriffs' Offices Reporting Requirement
Section 180 Chapter 257 Report
Section 183 Federal Grants Management Task Force
Section 184 Illegal Tobacco Enforcement: Multi-Agency Illegal Tobacco Task Force Report
Section 188 New Business Registration Study
Section 193 Boston 2024
Section 194 Disposal of FY2015 consolidated net surplus
Section 195 University of Massachusetts Tuition Retention VII
Section 210 Effective Date for EITC Change
Section 213 Effective Date for Combined Reporting
Section 214 Headlight and Wiper Surcharge Effective Date
Section 216 Effective Date