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Budget Summary FY2016

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Department of Environmental Protection
Data Current as of:  8/19/2015

Account  FY2016
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 57,616 58,880 58,981 58,739
Direct Appropriations
Department of Environmental Protection Administration 27,94729,49929,52129,521
Recycling and Solid Waste Master Plan Operations 500375525475
Compliance and Permitting 2,5002,5002,5002,500
Clean Air Act 876848874848
Clean Air Act Operating Permit and Compliance Program 1,5911,5281,6071,528
Safe Drinking Water Act 1,5711,5301,5971,530
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Program 14,67314,67314,41014,410
Brownfields Site Audit Program 1,2251,2151,2341,215
Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup 414395395395
Retained Revenues
Wetlands Permitting Fee Retained Revenue 650650650650
Compliance and Permitting Fee Retained Revenue 2,5002,5002,5002,500
Toxics Use Retained Revenue 3,1683,1683,1683,168
Federal Grant Spending22,994 23,164 23,008 23,164
Water Quality Management Planning 520520520520
Cooperative Agreement Leaking Underground Storage Tank 856856856856
Department of Defense State Memorandum of Agreement 1,2501,3001,3001,300
Superfund Block Grant 856856856856
Brownfields Assessment Program 278278225278
Brownfields Response 1,0741,0741,0501,074
Performance Partnership Grant 15,18615,18615,18615,186
Technical Assistance and Training for Drinking Water 4404
Public Water Supply Supervision Grant 1313013
Healthy Communities Grant Program 0171717
Clean Air Act Section 103 546546546546
Ambient Air Toxics Pilot Project 63636363
Homeland Security Co-Op Agreement 1,4001,4001,4001,400
Underground Storage Tank Program 492595595595
Massachusetts Clean Diesel 236236236236
Airport Lead Ambient 6262062
Near Road Number 2 Ambient Air Monitoring Network 130130130130
MA Clean Diesel Program 27272727
Trust and Other Spending * 29,433 0 0 0
Special Projects Permit/Oversight Fund 175000
Water Pollution Abatement Dept. of Environmental Protection 2,297000
Oil Spill Permitting 1,000000
Springfield Materials Recycling Facility 100000
Energy Demand Reduction Program Trust Fund 50000
USGen of New England Inc. 50000
Boston Junk Expendable Trust 25000
Sustainable Materials Recovery Program Expendable Trust 6,500000
Motors Liquidating Company fka General Motors Corp 25000
Natural Resource Damages Trust 4,000000
Administration of Federal Funds 4,482000
Federal Water Pollution Abatement 2,466000
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund - Administration Trust 5,179000
Tewksbury Industries - Superior Court Civil Action 100000
Bedford Harbor Expendable Trust 50000
Route 3 North Design/Build Expendable Trust 10000
General Electric Expendable Trust 100000
Tronox Incorporated Expendable Trust 50000
Katrina Properties, Inc. 24000
Children s Museum Wharf Park Expendable Trust 25000
Starmet Drum Removal 859000
51 Old Ferry Road Trust 15000
Green Chemistry Expendable Trust 10000
Silresim Superfund Lowell Consent Decree 1,300000
Silresim Superfund Lowell Replacement Costs Consent Decree 200000
Charles George Tyngsborough Response Costs Consent Decree 300000
Fort Devens Expendable Trust 40000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.