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Budget Summary FY2015

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Department of Public Health
Data Current as of:  10/17/2014

Account  FY2015
House 1
House Final
Senate Final
Budgetary Direct Appropriations 565,535 522,752 533,164 537,697
Direct Appropriations
Public Health Critical Operations and Essential Services 20,34719,57320,53820,055
Community Health Center Services 1,0381,7381,0881,738
Postpartum Depression Pilot Program 02000200
Environmental Health Assessment and Compliance 4,5924,6424,3824,432
Division of Health Care Quality and Improvement 7,90411,65111,55111,551
Primary Care Center and Loan Forgiveness Program 00157157
Academic Detailing Program 00500500
Board of Registration in Nursing 974974974974
Board of Registration in Pharmacy 1,3281,3281,3301,330
Board of Registration in Medicine and Acupuncture 1,0871,0871,0871,087
Health Boards of Registration 334334335335
Regional Emergency Medical Services 932932932932
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and Pediatric SANE Program 3,6053,7543,6053,754
ALS Registry 226226250250
Down Syndrome Clinic 00150150
HIV/AIDS Prevention Treatment and Services 32,11032,22332,23032,230
Bureau of Substance Abuse Services 86,90590,26789,34291,317
Substance Abuse Step-Down Recovery Services 4,8004,8004,8004,800
Secure Treatment Facilities for Opiate Addiction 1,7002,0002,0002,000
Substance Abuse Family Intervention and Care Pilot 1,5001,5001,5001,500
Nasal Narcan Pilot Expansion 01,0008151,000
Sober Homes 005000
Substance Abuse Treatment Trust Fund 0010,00010,000
Dental Health Services 1,4782,3281,4792,028
Family Health Services 4,9235,0174,9245,024
Women Infants and Children's Nutritional Services 12,55612,53712,55612,537
Early Intervention Services 27,42027,42127,42127,421
Newborn Hearing Screening Program 77777777
Suicide Prevention and Intervention Program 3,8654,0003,8674,000
Services to Survivors of Homicide Victims 0125150150
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3,2423,4423,8433,892
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Treatment 5,7525,8795,7525,827
Healthy Relationships Grant Program 00150150
State Laboratory and Communicable Disease Control Services 13,13414,14512,99414,145
Matching funds for a Federal Emergency Preparedness Grant 2,1262,1262,1272,127
Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Services 2,3982,3972,5492,547
Infection Prevention Program 276270276276
Universal Immunization Program 56,0162,1832,1832,183
Public Health Evaluation Grants 00250250
School-Based Health Programs 12,17712,27712,37812,377
Smoking Prevention and Cessation Programs 3,9733,8683,9733,868
Public Health Hospitals 149,561148,266148,563148,266
Prostate Cancer Research 0500500500
Pediatric Palliative Care 1,5031,5001,5501,550
Violence Prevention Grants 1,5061,1501,5061,328
Youth At-Risk Matching Grants 2,7003,8503,3004,150
Retained Revenues
Food Protection Program Retained Revenue 233233233233
SEAL Dental Program Retained Revenue 891890891891
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing Regulation RR 432432432432
Nuclear Power Reactor Monitoring Fee Retained Revenue 1,8871,8591,8871,887
Prescription Drug Registration and Monitoring Fee RR 1,2951,2951,3131,313
Division of Health Care Quality Health Facility Licensing Fee 2,4812,6312,6312,631
Board of Registration in Medicine RR 300300301301
HIV/AIDS Drug Program Manufacturer Rebates Retained Revenue 7,5007,5007,5007,500
Compulsive Behavior Treatment Program Retained Revenue 1,5001,5001,5001,500
WIC Program Manufacturer Rebates Retained Revenue 27,60027,60027,60027,600
Blood Lead Testing Fee Retained Revenue 1,1171,1171,1271,127
STI Billing Retained Revenue 00650650
State Laboratory Tuberculosis Testing Fee Retained Revenue 251251277277
Vital Records Research Cancer and Community Data 675684684684
Western Massachusetts Hospital Federal Reimbursement Retained 18,17017,73621,20421,204
Shattuck Hospital Private Medical Vendor Retained Revenue 500500508508
Shattuck Hospital Department of Correction Inmate RR 4,3884,3884,5524,552
SOPS Department of Correction Retained Revenue 14,00014,00014,00014,000
Western Massachusetts Hospital Expansion 2,9442,94400
Tewksbury Hospital RR 1,8001,8001,8521,852
Tewksbury Hospital DDS Client Retained Revenue 3,5043,5043,5903,590
Intragovernmental Service Spending51,815 51,815 51,815 51,815
Chargeback for State Office Pharmacy Services 47,86547,86547,86547,865
Chargeback for Consolidated Public Health Hospitals 150150150150
Chargeback for Medical Services for County Corrections Inmates 3,8003,8003,8003,800
Federal Grant Spending282,096 272,580 272,762 272,901
Preventive Health Services Block 1,9271,9271,9271,927
Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure 1,0871,186595595
Rape Prevention and Education 656000
Massachusetts Sexual Assault Service Program 300300300300
Rape Prevention and Education 00656656
2010 Oil and Hazardous Material State Partnership 47000
Proposal Upon the Infrastructure of MA DPH 0150150150
Maternal and Child Health Services 11,84811,84811,84811,848
Cooperative Health Statistics System 655655655655
State Loan Repayment 341350350350
Office of Rural Health 188188188188
Primary Care Cooperative Agreement 00215215
State Primary Care Offices - ARRA 152000
State Primary Care Offices 10521500
Rural Hospital Flexibility Program 297297297297
Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant 81818181
Grants to States to Support Oral Health 545545545545
Medicare and Medicaid Survey and Certification Grant 9,1039,1039,1039,103
Hospital Prepardness Programs 6,8314,5744,5744,574
Medical Malpractice and Patient Safety 41741700
Clinical Laboratory Improvement 399399399399
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Security Inspections 5555
Drug Control Program Within MDPH 0213213213
FDA Inspection of Food Establishments 370528528528
Massachusetts DPH Statewide Surveillance of Health 99000
Food Protection Rapid Response Team 152152152152
Harold Rogers Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 188188188188
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Technology Enhancements 3490349349
Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Telemedicine Center 1,5191,5191,5191,519
Mammography Quality Standards Act 253253253253
Indoor Radon Development Program 192192192192
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Partnership 43143100
Beach Monitoring 290290290290
Assessment and Planning Development for Climate Change 42000
State and National Environment Maintenance and Enhancement 909909909909
Development and Implementation of Brace in MA 0174174174
Enhanced MFRPS Capacity Env Sampling 0200200200
ATSDR Partnership to Promote Local Efforts 00431431
Sexually Transmitted Disease Control 01,7951,7951,795
Sexually Transmitted Disease Control 1,795000
Mass App for STD Surveillance Network Parts A and B 0300300300
Enhancing Immunization Systems and Infrastructure Improvements 557505050
Immunization and Vaccines for Children Grant 5,9375,9375,9375,937
Epidemiology and Lab Surveillance 166000
Epidemiology and Laboratory for Infectious Disease 2,6661,6321,6321,632
Prevention and Public Health Funds Immunization 2012 732168168168
Epidemiology and Lab Capacity 8000
ELC Non PPHF 0838838838
PPHF Increasing HPV Vaccination Coverage Rates 0600600600
State Outcomes, Measurement, and Management System 23666
Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant 40,14140,14140,14140,141
Promoting Safe and Stable Families 481000
Massachusetts Access to Recovery Program 3,084821821821
Drug Court Discretionary Grant 573573573573
State Prevention Framework Grant 1,4501,4501,4501,450
Massachusetts Family Recovery Project Southeast 729000
State Adolescent Treatment Enhancement and Dissemination 1,1981,1981,1981,198
Mission Forward 0325325325
Enhance MA Support Services 0712712712
Promoting Safe and Stable Families 0481481481
Mass Family Recovery Project Southeast 0722722722
R40 Maternal and Infant Substance Abuse Outcomes 00100100
Uniform Alcohol and Drug Abuse Data 82828282
Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS Program 325325325325
Mass Implementation of Essentials for Childhood 0175175175
Nutritional Status of Women, Infants and Children 88,97388,97388,97388,973
Comprehensive HIV Prevention Project for Health Departments 7,0845,4705,4705,470
Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities 9,2437,1458,8458,845
Massachusetts HIV and AIDS National Behavioral Surveillance 452392392392
Mass Care - Community Aids Resource 502502502502
Planning a Comprehensive Primary Care 107107107107
Ryan White Care Act 20,00918,95618,95618,956
Shelter Plus Care - Worcester 309329329329
HIV and AIDS Surveillance 1,111970970970
Hit Capacity Building Initiative - AIDS Drug Assistance 100252525
Systems Linkages and Access to Care for Population HIV 1,300948948948
Congenital Anomalies Center of Excellence 195000
Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Project 363363363363
Assistance to Firefighters Grant - Fire Prevention and Safety 420000
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening 259259259259
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention 146146146146
Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems 141141141141
Emergency Medical Services for Children 131131131131
Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System 147147147147
Addressing Asthma Health from a Public Health Perspective 372372372372
Mass Launch 852852852852
Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control 3580176176
Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting - ACA 9,0609,0609,0609,060
Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting 1,4720350350
Surveillance On Congenital Defects 518518518518
Mass Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention 0688350350
Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program 01,4721,4721,472
2010 Women, Infants and Children Special Project 117414141
Massachusetts Electronic Benefit Transfer Planning Grant - WIC 4000
Women Infants and Children 01,7521,7521,752
Tuberculosis Control Project 1,6961,5561,5561,556
Strengthening Surveillance for Infectious Disease 178757575
HIV Training Through Prevention Training 578564564564
Health and Mental Training Assistance Program 64000
HIV Training Through Prevention 000138
Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention 603595595595
Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response 12,56612,46112,46112,461
Accreditation for State Food Testing Laboratories 498249249249
Technology Data and Massachusetts Birth and Infant Death File 77777777
National Violent Death Reporting System 267273273273
Public Health Injury Surveillance and Prevention 702702702702
Procurement of Information for the National Death Index 7575114114
Massachusetts Death File - Social Security Administration 67676767
Birth Records - MA for Social Security Administration 284284284284
Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries 56565656
Core Violence and Injury Prevention 475475475475
Youth Suicide Prevention Project 474480480480
Surveillance of Work Related Amputation and Carpal Tunnel 17000
Massachusetts Citizen Verification for Federal Employment 8888
Massachusetts Cardiovascular Disease Prevention 65000
Colorectal Cancer Screening 751800800800
Massachusetts Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity 36000
Massachusetts Integration of Chronic Disease 1,6121,6121,4661,466
Demonstrating the Capacity of Comprehensive Cancer Control 186186186186
Personal Responsibility Education Program 2010 1,3671,3671,3671,367
Massachusetts Support for Pregnant and Parenting Teens 595000
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 427427427427
Federal Drug Administration - Tobacco - 2011 761761761761
Mass Health Impact Assessment to Foster Healthy Community 199199199199
Massachusetts Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program 131000
Massachusetts Integration of Chronic Disease Program 38000
Massachusetts Community Transformation - Middlesex 1,8231,823912912
Childhood Obesity 2,1422,1422,1422,142
Category B Implementation - Mass Community Transformation 1,5701,570785785
Support for Pregnant Parenting Teen 1,5641,5641,5641,564
Improve Health of People With Disabilities-Secondary Condition 314314314314
Massachusetts Cancer Prevention and Control Program 3,7443,7443,7443,744
Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry 508508508508
Ensuring Quitline Capacity 382382382382
Behavioral Factor Surveillance System 4858585
Mass State Health Prevention Chronic Disease 1,7261,7261,7261,726
Trust and Other Spending * 46,002 0 0 0
Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Trust 50000
Medical Marijuana Trust Fund 3,841000
Safety and Health for Home Care Workers Trust 31000
Steward and Caritas Christi Impact Study 140000
Radiation Control Trust 1,233000
Low Level Radioactive Waste Rebate Trust 278000
Lead Paint Education and Training Trust 2,217000
Civil Monetary Penalties Trust 238000
Health Boards Professional Licensure Trust 10,501000
Board of Registration in Medicine Trust 9,178000
Mass Hospital School Telecommunications Trust 36000
Western Mass Hospital Telecommunications Trust 40000
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Telecommunications Trust 24000
Organ Tissue Donor Registration 150000
Organ Transplant Fund 100000
Massachusetts AIDS Trust 140000
Wellness Initiative Expendable Trust 45000
Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund 14,394000
PELL Data System and Research Trust 152000
Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Trust 2,598000
Spinal Cord Injury Trust 173000
Bio-Watch Laboratory Support Trust 150000
Molecular Tests for TB Services Trust 8000
Newborn Screening Trust 183000
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative MTC Trust 45000
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance and DAET Trust 26000
Western Mass Hospital Trust Fund 30000

* The Governor's budget is required to report on all spending by a department: budgetary, federal and trust. Legislative budgets do not report trust spending.