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Budget Summary FY2014

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Operational Services Division
Data Current as of:  9/11/2013

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The Operational Services Division (OSD) administers the procurement process by establishing statewide contracts for goods and services that ensure value, provide customer satisfaction and support the socio-economic and environmental goals of the Commonwealth. OSD also provides specific operational services, including the Commonwealth Procurement Access and Solicitation System, Office of Vehicle Management, Surplus Property Program, Supplier Diversity Office , Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) Procurement Program, Commonwealth Print Services, Special Education Pricing, Purchase-Of-Service Audit and Quality Assurance, Outreach and Training.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 5 S. 1,6,8
Supervision of state printing; printing contracts; payment of prevailing wages; penalties
MGL C. 6 S. 134
Purchase of articles made by blind persons for use in state and other public institutions; release.
MGL C. 7 S. 4
Departments and divisions of the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.
MGL C. 7 S. 4L
State agency for surplus property; duties.
MGL C. 7 S. 9A
State passenger vehicles and light duty pickup trucks; regulations governing use; report; personal use prohibited.
MGL C. 7 S. 15
State purchasing agent; examination of printing bills.
MGL C. 7 S. 22A
Collective Purchasing by commonwealth and political subdivisions
MGL C. 7 S. 22C
Purchases by state agencies from facilities in Northern Ireland
MGL C. 7 S. 25-25A
Advising state institutions as to suitable products for state departments.
MGL C. 7 S. 26
Advisory Standardization Board
MGL C. 7 S. 27
Furnishing paper to reformatory by purchasing agent.
MGL C. 7 S. 27A
Travel-related services; purchase coordination.
MGL C. 7 S. 29
Expenditures for documents; approval; filing; sales.
MGL C. 29 S. 29A,29G
Consultants; employment and compensation; legislative reports.
MGL C. 29 S. 29B
Contracts with organizations providing social, etc., services.
MGL C. 30 S. 35
Special reports to state purchasing agent; appeals.
MGL C. 30 S. 36
Motor vehicles owned by commonwealth; use and marking; regulations and restrictions, enforcement; transfer.
MGL C. 30 S. 51
Materials, supplies, etc.; purchasing by state departments
MGL C. 30 S. 52
Approval of Purchases
MGL C. 7 S. 22
Purchase of supplies and equipment; rules and regulations; duties of state purchasing agent
MGL C. 7 S. 22N
Bureau of purchased services; responsibilities; pricing methods; appeals; audits; rules and regulations
MGL C. 7 S. 4A
Departments and divisions
MGL C. 7 S. 57
Statement of policy promoting minority, women and veterans businesses
MGL C. 7 S. 58
MGL C. 7 S. 59
Director of supplier diversity office
MGL C. 7 S. 61
Powers and duties of supplier diversity office
MGL C. 7 S. 58A
Supplier Diversity Office
MGL C. 7 S. 60
Unified Certification Program Trust Fund


425 CMR 2.0
Supplier Diversity Office
801 CMR 21.
Procurement of Commodities or Services, Including Human and Social Services
802 CMR 3.0
Disposition of Surplus State Property (Personal)
808 CMR 1.0
Compliance, Reporting and Auditing for Human and Social Services