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Health Care-Related Infectious Disease Reimbursements

SECTION 76.   ** Item was returned for amendment (Attachment H) Updated as Ch. 58 of the Acts of 2009

Said section 51H of said chapter 111, as appearing in section 65 of chapter 451 of the acts of 2008, is hereby further amended by striking out subsection (d) and inserting in place thereof the following subsection:-

(d) The department shall adopt regulations prohibiting a health care facility from charging or seeking reimbursement for services provided as a result of the occurrence of a health-care associated infection or serious reportable event. A health care facility shall not charge or seek reimbursement for a health-care associated infection or serious reportable event that the facility has determined, through a documented review process and under regulations adopted by the department, was: (i) preventable; (ii) within its control; and (iii) unambiguously the result of a system failure based on the health care provider's policies and procedures.