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Budget Summary FY2010

89100010 - Lemuel Shattuck Hospital County Expenses
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Account Description FY2009
8910-0010 Lemuel Shattuck Hospital County Expenses
For the purpose of funding expenses for services provided to inmates of county correctional facilities by the department of public health Lemuel Shattuck hospital in fiscal year 2010; provided, that the department shall notify the county government finance review board and the comptroller of all such expenses; provided further, that not more than 30 days after receiving such notification, the board shall certify to the comptroller the amount of these expenses to be charged to this item; provided further, that upon receiving such certification, the comptroller shall effect the transfer of such amount from this item to item 4590-0903 in section 2B; and provided further, that these actual and projected payments shall be considered expenditures within each county spending plan and shall be reflected as such in proposed spending plans required by item 8910-0000
2,534,285 2,172,244

Budget Reduction Explanation:   Reduces spending that is not affordable given the current revenue estimate.