This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

70070900 - Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Account Description FY2009
7007-0900 Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
For the operation and administration of the office of travel and tourism; provided, that performance-based standards shall be incorporated in all contracts executed by said office for the procurement of tourism marketing and advertising services; provided further, that the organizations shall be required, as a condition of receiving a grant, to submit a total operating budget which identifies each source and use of operating and capital funds; and provided further, that not less than $1,000,000 shall be expended through a grant application process established by the office of travel and tourism to offset deficits that may occur during fiscal year 2010 for the highway information centers operating year-round on state highways and federally-assisted highways, and the visitor information centers on Boston Common and the Prudential Center, both in the city of Boston, and the Adams Visitor Center in the town of Adams
                Massachusetts Tourism Fund ............... 100%
17,722,209 7,483,636

Budget Reduction Explanation:   Eliminates earmark spending and reduces other spending that is not affordable given the current revenue estimate.



City / Town
Deficits at highway information centers Statewide1,000,000