This is not the official budget document.

Budget Summary FY2010

45900915 - Public Health Hospitals
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Account Description FY2009
4590-0915 Public Health Hospitals
For the maintenance and operation of Tewksbury hospital, Massachusetts hospital school, Lemuel Shattuck hospital and the hospital bureau, including the state office of pharmacy services; provided, that no funds appropriated in this item shall be expended for administrative, space or energy expenses of the department not directly related to personnel or programs funded in this item; provided further, that reimbursements received for medical services provided at the Lemuel Shattuck hospital to inmates of county correctional facilities not managed by private health care vendors shall be credited to item 4590-0903 of section 2B; and provided further, that notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the department shall seek to obtain federal financial participation for care provided to inmates of the department of correction and of county correctional facilities who are treated at the public health hospitals
140,186,818 137,664,607

Veto Explanation:  I am reducing this item to an amount consistent with my House 1 revised recommendation.

Budget Reduction Explanation:   Reduces spending that is not affordable given the current revenue estimate.