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Budget Summary FY2010

22000107 - Redemption Centers Operations
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Account Description FY2009
2200-0107 Redemption Centers Operations
For redemption centers; provided, that the department of environmental protection shall expend the funds appropriated in this item for a program to preserve the continuing ability of redemption centers to maintain operations in pursuit of the commonwealth's recycling goals consistent with section 323 of chapter 94 of the General Laws; provided further, that for the purposes of this item and said chapter 94, a redemption center shall be any business registered with the commonwealth whose primary purpose is the redemption of reusable beverage containers; provided further, that the program shall take into consideration the volume of redeemables per redemption center, the length of time the center has been in operation, the number of returnables redeemed quarterly by the centers, the submission by the centers of documentation of their redeemed returnables to the department and the costs of transportation, packing, storage and labor; and provided further, that a redemption center shall be eligible for the funds if registered with the commonwealth as of April 1, 2003
0 275,000

Veto Explanation:  I am reducing this item by an amount not recommended in light of available revenues.