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Budget Summary FY2010

15996425 - Municipal Regionalization Reserve
Data Current as of:  1/26/2010

Account Description FY2009
1599-6425 Municipal Regionalization Reserve
For a reserve to support municipal regionalization; provided, that the funds in this item shall be used to provide grants and technical assistance to districts and municipalities, including councils on government, counties and regional planning authorities that are applying on behalf of 2 or more municipal entities, in the areas of planning, feasibility, transitional costs and related subject areas to promote cost effective and efficient delivery of local services by regionalization of services including, but not limited to, equipment, hardware, facilities, staff and operations; provided further, that the secretary of administration and finance shall promulgate regulations to implement this item not later than September 1, 2009; and provided further, that grants and technical assistance shall only be provided to support regionalization of services that results in cost savings

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Veto Explanation:  I am vetoing this item because it is not consistent with my House 1 revised recommendation.