Charles D. Baker's Five Year Capital Investment Plan FY2017 - FY2021

Governor's Capital Investment Plan FY2017

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    Current Plan:

    FY17 - FY21

    Section PDF
    Full Report fy17capitalplanma.pdf  


    Prior Years:

    FY16 - FY20

    Full Report fy16capitalplanma.pdf  


    FY15 - FY19

    Full Report fy15capitalplanma.pdf  


    FY14 - FY18

    Section PDF
    Full Report fy14capitalplanma.pdf
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy14capappendixama.pdf
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy14capappendixbma.pdf
    Appendix C - Project Listing fy14capappendixcma.pdf
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy14capappendixdma.pdf


    FY13 - FY17

    Section PDF
    Full Report fy13capitalplanma.pdf
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy13capappendixama.pdf
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy13capappendixbma.pdf
    Appendix C - Project Listing fy13capappendixcma.pdf
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy13capappendixdma.pdf


    FY12 - FY16

    Full Report fy12capplan.pdf 
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy12capplan_a.pdf
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy12capplan_b.pdf
    Appendix C - Project Listing fy12capplan_c.pdf fy12capplan_c.xls
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy12capplan_d.pdf


    FY11 - FY15

    Section PDF Word/Excel
    Full Report fy11capitalplanma.pdf  
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy11capappendixama.pdf
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy11capappendixbma.pdf
    Appendix C - Project Listing fy11capappendixcma.pdf fy11capappendixcma.xls
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy11capappendixdma.pdf


    FY10 - FY14

    Section PDF Word/Excel
    Full Report fy10capitalplanma.pdf
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy10capappendixama.pdf  
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy10capappendixbma.pdf  
    Appendix C - Project Listing   fy10capappendixcma.xls
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy10capappendixdma.pdf  


    FY09 - FY13

    Section PDF Word/Excel
    Full Document fy09capitalplanma.pdf  
    Appendix A - Debt Affordability Analysis fy09capappendixama.pdf  
    Appendix B - Bond Bills fy09capappendixbma.pdf  
    Appendix C - Project Listing fy09capappendixcma.pdf fy09capappendixcma.xls
    Appendix D - Project Descriptions fy09capappendixdma.pdf

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