Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Exemptions for Specified Uses of Products/Services

Fiscal Year 2014 Resource Summary (in Millions)
Exemptions for Specified Uses of Products/Services 937.8 947.2 987.3

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item description amount
Exemptions for Specified Uses of Products/Services 987.3
3.401 Exemption for Electricity 336.4
3.402 Exemption for Fuel Used for Heating Purposes 87.2
3.403 Exemption for Piped and Bottled Gas 148.5
3.404 Exemption for Steam 14.4
3.405 Exemption for Certain Energy Conservation Equipment N.A.
3.406 Exemption for Funeral Items 12.9
3.407 Exemption for a Motor Vehicle for a Paraplegic 1.3
3.408 Exemption for Textbooks 51.9
3.409 Exemption for Books Used for Religious Worship N.A.
3.410 Exemption for Containers 166.9
3.411 Exemption for Certain Sales by Typographers, Compositors, Color Separators N.A.
3.412 Exemption for Sales of Building Materials and Supplies to be Used in Connection with Certain Construction Contracts 107.7
3.417 Exemption for Commuter Boats N.A.
3.418 Exemption for Fuels, Supplies and Repairs for Vessels Engaged in Interstate or Foreign Commerce 0.7
3.419 Exemption for Fuel Used in Operating Aircraft and Railroads 59.3
3.420 Exemption for Sales of Certain New or Used Buses N.A.
3.421 Exemption for Films N.A.


M.G.L. Massachusetts General Laws
ESTIMATES All estimates are in $ millions.

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