Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Registry of Motor Vehicles

Programs targeted to provide vehicle inspection and driver certification.


Commercial Carrier Oversight For the purpose of overseeing the rates charged by tow companies and safety practices of common carriers used to transport passengers and property including licensing all intra-state MA based motor bus companies and licenses school bus drivers.
Accident Records For the purpose of maintaining motor vehicle crash data and records that can be used to improve roadway safety.
Administrative Sanctions, License and Registration Suspensions For the purpose of managing resources dedicated to support the Registry of Motor Vehicles statutory and regulatory obligations to impose administrative sanctions, including suspension actions, on licensees and vehicle registrations.
Registry Branch Operations For the purpose of operating and improving customer service functions at Registry of Motor Vehicle branch locations.
Development & Support for Registry Customer Services For the purpose of managing resources dedicated to providing customers with more efficient ways of conducting registry transactions, including supporting online transaction to reduce the number of customers using physical registry locations.
Driver Fraud Prevention and Detection For the purpose of detecting and preventing driver fraud to preserve the integrity of the Commonwealth's driver licensing and registration system.
Driver Licensing, Registrations, Titles, and Inspections For the purpose of managing resources to support driver licensing, vehicle registration and title services; ensuring the integrity of the state's motor vehicle inspection network; and ensuring the safety of the Commonwealth's student transportation fleet by conducting statutorily mandated school bus inspections.
Merit Rating Board Administration For the purpose of recording motor vehicle citation information for the Safe Driver Insurance Plan (SDIP) for use by the insurance industry and the Registry of Motor Vehicles, including updates to operator driving records, and imposition of administrative sanctions.
Registry Administration For the purpose of supporting the executive management of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, as well as external customer relations and outreach functions.

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