Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Public Safety Regulations

Programs targeted to promote public safety through regulation and enforcement, including safety inspections, permit, and licensure.


Building Safety Inspections and Code Enforcement For the purpose of ensuring public safety and compliance with established codes and standards through permitting, inspections, and licensing of professionals and equipment, including buildings and structures, elevators, boilers, pressure vessels, and amusement devises as well as ensuring accessibility to buildings for all individuals.
Building Safety Permits and Licensure For the purpose of safeguarding the public through proper permitting and ensuring that appropriately licensed personnel perform regulated tasks such as supervising building construction; installing elevators, boilers, and pressure vessels; operating certain types of equipment such as amusement rides or hoisting equipment; as well as ensuring accessibility into and around buildings and structures for individuals with physical limitations.
Fire Arm Licensing and Registration For the purpose of maintaining a database of firearm licenses, recording firearms sales by gun dealers and private transfers of weapons as well as providing a resource for the public and law enforcement agencies to answer questions regarding the Commonwealth's gun laws.

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