Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Flexible Community Supports

Programs targeted to provide a range of rehabilitative intervention, support services, and person-centered care to individuals and families to facilitate integration or continue stabilization in the community.


Community-Based Mental Health Programs For the purpose of treating eligible individuals at home, in a community-based residential setting, or another community-based site. These highly individualized services provide a range of rehabilitative interventions, support services, and person and family centered care to facilitate integration into or continued stabilization in the community.
Family Access Centers For the purpose of providing comprehensive and coordinated health and social services to families through a single door approach to services planning, delivery and referral targeted to meet the specific needs of host communities, including 24/7 access to information and referral to community and state-based services.
Home Care Services for the Elderly and Disabled For the purpose of providing in-home support services for individuals with daily living needs to help maintain independent community living. Services are designed to encourage independence and dignity for the individual as well as supporting caregivers by relieving on-going care giving responsibilities.
Homelessness Prevention For the purpose of providing stabilization services to prevent homelessness, provide emergency shelter, and assist individuals and families in securing permanent housing; including advocacy, information, referral, career, and education services.
Independent Living Programs and Supports For the purpose of providing individuals with assistive technology and community supports that allow them to remain and participate in the community and be as independent as possible.
Protective Services for Children, Elderly, and Disabled For the purpose of providing protective services to prevent and remediate abusive situations, mitigate recurrence, keep individuals safe, enable law enforcement to investigate cases, and provide services for victims and non-offending family members.
Refugee Support Services For the purpose of helping refugees adjust to life in the United States and to achieve economic stability including cash and medical assistance, case management, employment services, health assessment and foster care for unaccompanied refugee minors.
Special Health Care Needs For the purpose of providing family-centered, community-based, and coordinated care for children and youth with special health care needs including connecting families with appropriate services, helping them navigate the health care system, and promoting family involvement in care planning.
Substance Abuse, Gambling, and Tobacco Supportive Services For the purpose of providing a range of addiction intervention and support services to promote individual, family and community wellness, including home-based intervention and case management services for youth and adults as well as telephone help lines for the public to identify available drug addiction, gambling and tobacco services.
Veterans Outreach Services For the purpose of supporting and strengthening the veteran community by providing outreach programs to veterans at risk, directed at empowerment and reintegration of isolated veterans with family and community and the prevention of homelessness, broken families, and substance abuse.

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