Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

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Environmental Protection

Programs targeted to protect and preserve areas within the Commonwealth's borders through effective pollution management and resource protection.


Coastal Zone Management For the purpose of protecting coastal and marine resources through planning, public involvement, education, research, and sound resource management practices.
Environmental Research and Analysis For the purpose of conducting scientific and legal analysis to support environmental protection including collecting and processing of water and air samples, developing protocols for analyzing environmental pollutants and toxins, providing technical and lab support for environmental enforcement cases, and regulating environmental laboratories in Massachusetts.
Hazard Waste Site Professional Certification and Compliance For the purpose of establishing and enforcing standards for the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) profession which administers licensing exams, offers professional training, and pursues disciplinary action relative to LSPs who violate professional standards.
Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup and Restoration For the purpose of managing and controlling releases or threats of releases of hazardous waste through emergency response to events such as marine oil spills; ensuring proper cleanup of known hazardous waste sites; managing and regulating underground storage tanks; operating waste treatment facilities at federal Superfund sites; promoting Brownfields redevelopment; auditing privately managed hazardous waste site cleanups; and, restoring natural resources damaged by hazardous waste releases.
Pest Management For the purpose of regulating the agricultural industry and pesticide application services through inspection, examination, licensing, registration, quarantine, and enforcement of laws and regulations in order to protect public health and the environment.
Pollution and Waste Prevention and Management For the purpose of preventing, reducing, and managing pollution and waste and ensuring air quality through activities such as regulating the disposal of solid waste at landfills and incinerators; providing programs to promote recycling and reduction in the use of toxic products; and managing the handling, transport and disposal of hazardous waste.
Water Resource Protection and Access For the purpose of protecting water supplies and ensuring the quality of drinking water quality from public water systems, including water pollution control actions, preservation of wetlands, preservation of public access to waterways, and oversight of wastewater treatment and drinking water infrastructure construction projects.

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