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  1. MassDOT Advertising
  2. Dual Enrollment Expansion
  3. Work-Related Expense Deduction
  4. MassHealth Delivery System Reform and SANE Trust Funds
  5. GIC Contribution Ratios
  6. Outsourcing Facilities Technical Amendment
  7. Laboratory Analysis of Cocaine
  8. MassHealth Estate Recovery
  9. MassHealth Delivery System Reform I
  10. MassHealth Delivery System Reform II
  11. MBTA Budget Date Change
  12. Statewide Housing Court I
  13. Statewide Housing Court II
  14. Statewide Housing Court III
  15. Earned Income Disregard I
  16. Earned Income Disregard II
  17. Tourism Trust Fund
  18. Study of Public Counsel Services
  19. Trial Court Transferability
  20. Tobacco Settlement/OPEB Transfer
  21. Inspector General's Health Care Audits
  22. Licensing Fees for Region C Facility
  23. Commonwealth Care Trust Fund Transfer
  24. FY2016 Consolidated Net Surplus
  25. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  26. Suspension of Tourism Formula
  27. Treatment of Capital Gains in FY17
  28. Special Education Inflation Rate Freeze
  29. Initial Gross Payments to Qualifying Acute Care Hospitals
  30. MassHealth Dental Coverage
  31. Nursing Facility Assessment
  32. Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year
  33. Massachusetts Hospital School Revenue Recovery
  34. Department of Mental Health Trust Funds
  35. DDS Commissioner's Trust Sweep
  36. Authority to Restructure MassHealth Benefits
  37. MassHealth Delivery System Reform Trust Fund Transfer
  38. Transfers Between Health Funds
  39. Charter School Funding Formula
  40. Western Turnpike Toll Use Clarification
  41. MassDOT Advertising Effective Date
  42. MassHealth Delivery System Reform Effective Dates
  43. Effective Date