Governor Charles D. Baker's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2016

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  1. CPAT Changes
  2. Center for Health Information and Analysis
  3. MassDOT Advertising
  4. CPAT Changes
  5. CPAT Changes
  6. CPAT Trust Fund Changes
  7. Center for Health Information and Analysis
  8. Board of Registration in Medicine Oversight
  9. Board of Registration in Medicine Oversight
  10. Tourism Grants
  11. Commonwealth Care Trust Fund Spending
  12. Medical Assistance Trust Fund Authority
  13. Classification Appeals
  14. FY17 Pension Transfer
  15. GIC Contribution Ratios
  16. Secure Vital Registry Trust Fund
  17. Duration of DCR Permits
  18. Vaccine Purchase Trust Fund
  19. Board of Registration in Medicine Oversight
  20. Expanding Fee Waivers for Veterans Under the Valor Act
  21. Volume Purchasing of Durable Medical Equipment
  22. BBRS Mailing Requirements
  23. MBTA Resiliency Fund
  24. Delay FAS 109 Deduction
  25. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  26. ERIP Savings
  27. Suspension of Tourism Formula
  28. Treatment of Capital Gains in FY16
  29. FEMA Reimbursements
  30. Special Education Inflation Rate Freeze
  31. Commonwealth Care Trust Fund Transfer
  32. MassDOT Transferability
  33. Regional Transit Authority MOUs
  34. Transfer Administered Funds to General Fund
  35. Inspector General's Health Care Audits
  36. MassHealth Dental Coverage
  37. Nursing and Resident Care Facility Base Year
  38. Nursing Facility Assessment
  39. Initial Gross Payments to Qualifying Acute Care Hospitals
  40. MassHealth Transferability
  41. Transfers Between Health Funds
  42. MassHealth Chiropractor Services Coverage
  43. Skilled Nursing Facility User Fee Waiver
  44. Effective Date

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