Governor Charles D. Baker's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2016

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Governor's Office

Fiscal Year 2016 Resource Summary ($000)
FY 2016
Federal, Trust,
and ISF
FY 2016
FY 2016
Non-Tax Revenue
Governor's Office 6,083 0 6,083 0

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Budgetary Direct Appropriations   
0411-1000 Office of the Governor
For the operation of the offices of the governor, the lieutenant governor and the governor's council; provided, that the amount appropriated in this item may be used at the discretion of the governor for the payment of extraordinary expenses not otherwise provided for and for transfer to appropriation accounts where the amounts otherwise available may be insufficient
0411-1005 Office of the Child Advocate
For the operation of the office of the child advocate
1100-1201 Commonwealth Performance Accountability and Transparency
For the operation of the office of commonwealth performance, accountability and transparency; provided, that the activities funded from this item may include, but not be limited to: the implementation and maintenance of a performance management program across executive departments, monitoring and reviewing of federal grant applications to maximize federal revenue opportunities and ensure compliance with federal reporting requirements including the implementation and oversight of the Federal Financial Accountability and Transparency Act, maintaining transparency of the commonwealth's administration and finance activities in compliance with section 14C of chapter 7 of the General Laws and other statewide transparency initiatives, enhancing program integrity and ongoing efforts to prevent fraud, waste and abuse throughout executive departments; provided further, that funds may be expended for performing enhanced economic forecasting and analysis; and provided further, that the unit may develop guidelines and methodologies for agencies to follow in the forecasting of caseloads and revenue

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