Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2014

Program Budget Report

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In this section of the FY2014 Governor's Budget, you will see the Administration's funding recommendations for the next fiscal year (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014) in program format. These recommendations are categorized in the following three sub-sections that progressively provide a greater level of detail to the reader:

  1. Executive Overview of Government Functions

    Government Function is a high-level way of reporting recommended funding levels for services provided by the Commonwealth. There are eleven major functions of government services. In some instances, the Government Function titles have similar names to Executive branch secretariats. However, more than one secretariat or department may contribute to providing a program under a Government Function. The location of a program under a Government Function is determined based on the content of the service being provided, not the department providing the service. All branches of Massachusetts state government are included in these eleven functional areas including the Executive Branch, Legislature, Judiciary, and Independent, and Constitutional Offices.

    The Executive Overview of Government Functions section lists the eleven Government Functions and their descriptions. There is a bar graph at the top of the page to illustrate the FY2014 Recommended Spending for each Government Function and represents All Funds that support each Function, including budgetary appropriations, federal grant spending, trust spending, and capital spending.

  2. Program Category Budget Detail

    Program Category is the second level of reporting, which represents groupings of related programs that provide a detailed picture of the activities included in each of the eleven larger government functional areas.

    This section describes the Program Categories and Programs associated with each of the eleven Government Functions and the FY2014 Recommended Spending. Government Functions are listed in alphabetical order as are Program Categories and Programs within each Program Category. A pie chart depicts the Program Categories included within that Government Function and the proportion of FY2014 Recommended Spending (All Funds) for each compared with the total spending for that Government Function. Below the pie chart, there is a listing of each of the Program Categories, its description and the Programs included in that Category. Recommended Spending levels are shown next to each Program for both FY2014 Budgetary Appropriations and FY2014 Recommended Spending (All Funds) including budgetary appropriations, federal grant spending, trust and capital spending.

  3. Program Budget Recommendations

    Program is a set of related activities or tasks that work together to achieve a common goal or objective. In the program budget, each program is identified with the agency (department or office) that provides the program and with a specific budgeted amount for that program. Funding for each program includes all sources of government funding that may finance the program. The funds may be either appropriated or administered by the Commonwealth. The "All Funds" reporting provides a clear picture of tangible spending values associated with each program.

    The All Funds Budget for each program provides detail on the source and amount of funding including budgetary appropriations, federal grant spending, trust spending and capital spending.

    The Program Budget Recommendations section provides additional detail on each Program. The section is organized by Government Function and Program Category in alphabetical order. The Program title is indicated by italics. For each Program, there is a short description followed by a list of departments that provide the Program. Under each department name is a list of the funding sources used by the department to support the Program and the current Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Projected Spending and FY2014 Recommended Spending (All Funds) including budgetary appropriations, federal grants, trusts and capital spending.

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