Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 2 Fiscal Year 2011

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2011

4512-0120 - Children's Health and Nutrition

Account Description FY2010
House 2
4512-0120 Children's Health and Nutrition
For the operation of children's health and nutrition programs; provided, that the department may expend funds for women, infants and children's nutrition services in addition to funds received under the federal nutrition assistance program, early intervention, universal newborn hearing screening and pediatric palliative care; provided further, that the department shall make all reasonable efforts to secure third party and Medicaid reimbursements for early intervention services; provided further, that nothing in this item shall give rise to or shall be construed as giving rise to enforceable legal rights to the services or an enforceable entitlement to the services funded in this item; provided further, that funds from this item may be expended for a reserve to provide respite services to families of children enrolled in early intervention programs who have complex care requirements, multiple disabilities and extensive medical and health needs, with priority given to low and moderate income families; and provided further, that funds may be used for current and prior year early intervention claims
                Health and Prevention Fund ............... 83.00%
                General Fund ............... 17.00%
0 38,865,075

Consolidated with 4513-1002, 4513-1020, 4513-1023, and 4590-1503.


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