Governor Deval Patrick's Budget Recommendation - House 1 Fiscal Year 2010

Governor's Budget Recommendation FY 2010

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  1. Shared Services for Executive Offices
  2. Accident Recovery by MassHealth and DTA
  3. Transfer Economic Stabilization Trust
  4. Gas and Electric Utility Assessment Increase
  5. Capital Gains Revenue Holding Fund
  6. Funding Unfunded Liability for Retiree Health and Other Benefits
  7. No Lobbyists for State Entities
  8. Pension Funding Triennial Schedule
  9. Transparency of Tax Credit Results
  10. Expedite Payment of Disputed Taxes
  11. RMV Services through Third Parties
  12. Expand Bottle Bill
  13. Non-payment for Health-care Associated Infections
  14. Children's Medical Security Plan
  15. MassHealth - Recovery of Pharmacy Clawback Payments
  16. Health Safety Net Third Party Liability
  17. Allow Release of Inmates for Medical Reasons
  18. Eliminate Saturday Inmate Releases
  19. Home Improvement Contractor Fees
  20. Recovering Abandoned Property of Deceased MassHealth Members
  21. Require CPCS Private Counsel to Submit Bills Within 90 Days
  22. Temporarily Closing Court Divisions
  23. Trial Court Transferability
  24. Inspector General's Health Safety Net Audit Unit
  25. Emergency Spending Authority
  26. Expanded Power to Reduce Allotments
  27. Line-item Transferability
  28. Pension Cost of Living Adjustment
  29. Special Education Inflation Rate Freeze
  30. Stabilization Fund Transfer
  31. Transfers Between Operating and Capital Funds
  32. Lease Terminations for Insufficient Funds
  33. Long Term Lease for Veterans Memorial Rink, Somerville
  34. UMass/Health and Human Services Interagency Service Agreements
  35. Alternative Hospital Payment Demonstration Project
  36. Nursing Home Assessment
  37. Transfers Among Health Care Funds
  38. DTA Program Requirements
  39. Transfer to Massachusetts Life Sciences Fund
  40. Tourism Fund Formulas
  41. Charter School Spending
  42. Commission on Maintenance of State Facilities
  43. Effective Date

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