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Budget Summary FY2017

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Department of Criminal Justice Information Services
Data Current as of:  8/9/2016

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The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS) is to enhance public safety through information exchange. DCJIS carries out this duty by providing timely and accurate criminal justice information and services to authorized law enforcement and non-criminal justice agencies and individuals in support of promoting the public safety and security of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The DCJIS recognizes and preserves the separate mission, priorities, constitutional objectives, governing laws, and rules and regulations of the participating agencies responsible for criminal justice administration within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The DCJIS innovatively and collaboratively works to integrate, to the most reasonable extent possible, the functionality and interoperability of criminal justice information systems, focuses on enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of our criminal justice information, promotes enterprise information technology architecture for an integrated criminal justice information sharing environment, and collaborates with stakeholders to develop, establish, and maintain a governance structure.

Governing Laws:


MGL C. 6 S. 167-178B
MA Department of Criminal Justice Information Services and CORI Law
MGL C. 140 S. 121-131P
Firearms Licensing


501 CMR 8
Electronic Weapons
501 CMR 9
Replacement Firearms Licenses
501 CMR 13
Standards for Retired Officers Law Enforcement Safety Act
501 CMR 15
Licensed Gun Clubs
501 CMR 6
Bona Fide Collector of Firearms
501 CMR 7
Approved Firearms Roster
515 CMR 3
Basic Firearms Safety Course and Instructors
515 CMR 6
Law Enforcement Safety Act Training and Qualification
803 CMR 10.
Gun transaction recording regulations
803 CMR 11
Consumer Reporting Agency
803 CMR 2
DCJIS CORI Regulations
803 CMR 5.0
CORI and Housing
803 CMR 7.0
CJIS regulations
803 CMR 8.0
Research regulations
803 CMR 9.0
Victim Notification Registry Regulations